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Health and Beauty

Hokule'a (Hokule'a)

Shinagawa rich-cho 1-7-4
Regular Holiday
Beginning of the year
Beauty salons
Main products
John master organic, Armada M3.5, Esuteshimo,
It is a beauty salon Hokule'a of Togoshiginza. Handling the natural origin of the products, such as John master organic, it also focuses on relaxation menu, such as Head Spa. We will wait for your visit of everyone.

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Good morning! It is a virtue weaker!

Good morning! It is a virtue weaker! ❤ is that I went to Katsushika Summer fireworks yesterday To season a lot of fireworks display and summer festival from now on It will have become by 😊💕 Hair set will be by all means hope in the Hokule'a 🙆💕

Onodera is

Onodera is I you, but you would with closer to the Cardi, do you thing there are many rainy day sold out - I like a person want but I went I found this kind of article on the net 🐷 # Cod roe spread # purport flavored egg # soon # Revenge # Cardi #kaldi # Togoshi # Togoshiginza # Togoshiginza shopping mall # Beauty salons

It is a virtue weaker!

It is a virtue weaker! Katsushika fireworks ❤ The first time in three years ❤ seen fireworks Fun ーーー! # Togoshiginza shop # Beauty salons Hokule'a # Katsushika # fireworks

Good morning! Onodera is

Good morning! Onodera is Today there are still free - The weather is a little suspicious, but I am waiting for your reservation by all means

❤ to bother friends from Saitama came to do the color model today

❤ to bother friends from Saitama came to do the color model today The third time ... (laughs) Thank you as always 😭❤ # Beauty salons Hokule'a # Togoshiginza store # study # color model