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Of your skin specialty store Jujiya

Shinagawa Togoshi 3-2-2
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Togoshiginza is a "specialty store Jujiya of your skin" of the shopping district. Hear the story of your your one person you alone, we will introduce an optimal skin care, makeup. There is also beauty room. Please feel free to come to the store!

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NAIL HOLIC (nail Holic) equipped all colors!


Hello. It is Shizuka shy

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recently, I had become more blog updates on Instagram.

Today, after a long time to make the blog Yoo!

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I also love nAIL HOLIC (nail Holic) .

175 colors in addition to rich colors that,

high color nail, ultra-fine brush, etc. Sugar nail.

There luster even only the top coat, without gloss, lame ....

In addition, we set up items of nail care Love

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the other day, to our customers

"this is it I'm aligned all the colors. if there is no shops have all quite full color, was looking for!"

"I here I have a tester. always go because it was not in the shop. " I heard your voice that


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Was it so? surprised

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Jujiya is, Mars aligned all the colors

Jujiya, the tester There is also a Mars draggable

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in addition, the web site of here nAIL HOLIC (nail Holic),

How design you want to to videos and role model there are N Takkusa.

all means but please try to check explosion laughs

In addition fun will spread!

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▽ NAIL web site of HOLIC (nail Holic)

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The entrance immediately, the special items our limited quantities large set! By all means, please try to experiment ...