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Togoshiginza is a "specialty store Jujiya of your skin" of the shopping district. Hear the story of your your one person you alone, we will introduce an optimal skin care, makeup. There is also beauty room. Please feel free to come to the store!

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Just this alone! Fall autumn feeling with nail of decollete ON!


Hello. Shizuka Bakusori

& nbsp;

It got cooler.

Autumn clothes are lining up in the shops, but

"I have not felt like falling" I felt.

& nbsp;

When I joined the seminar of cosme decorte the other day, I nailed my nail without thinking eyes

" Awesome!

& nbsp;

There! I changed the nail of the foot to autumn  autumn leaves

& nbsp;

only this , but feel like as if it approached autumn shy At a stroke the autumn mood turns ON .

"I wonder what kind of clothes I will wear in autumn this autumn?"

"Would you like to wear your clothes this autumn? "Pleasure is just expanding  flashlight bulb

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & lt; p & gt; & lt; / p & gt; Speaking of nails in cross-shops, there is also NAIL HOLIC is!

All 175 colors · 300 yen (excluding tax) ~ ·

A large glitter is included · A mat nail that imaged a fur · Top coat finished in mats

, etc.

Feel free to enjoy good  LOL

▽ NAIL HOLIC (nailholic)

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp; < " The nail of the decollete is still different is not it! "> > cosmetics decollete enamel "> 19 colors 2,000 yen + tax p>

Magical Crown "24">  color: rgb (204, 0, 0); Good coloring ! There is a depth in the color of the finish! "  color: rgb (204, 0, 0); Elegant gloss ! There is a proper feeling! "  color: rgb (204, 0, 0); Brush fill Cheap!

etc. I love the nail of the decollete, etc. love

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

This time I used a nail of décolleté. " The color used is RD 440 .

Although it was beautiful even once painted, when I painted it twice, the depth got even further in color glitter

& nbsp;

I love you at first sight Although I was enjoying RD 441 I purchased for a long time,

I feel now RD 440!

Both are pretty colors, but calmly and surprisingly deep RD 440 is Perfect for the current season .

& nbsp;

Let's change hand nails to autumn wink

Where do you get autumn from?

【10% reduction】 What will happen if I save Watashi plus points?


Hello. Shizuka Nico Nico

 glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter glitter glitter glitter

【limited time】 Shiseido bold; "> Watashi plus point" 10% reduction "! "> Duration: 9/18 (Tue) - 29 (Saturday) ※ crosshair is closed on Sunday " The above campaign is up to 30 (days).

glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter glitter glitter

& nbsp;

Here up arrow Today 9/11 (Tuesday) Information has been lifted.

I have to create a shopping list goo  Chu

What sort of happy thing can you do if you save points? "> How do you use it? Many people think that

is not it?

& nbsp;

So it's easy, but I tried a little bit overfill  please

If you do not understand well, feel free to call out at the shop Please Clover

& nbsp; // "width =" 24 ">  From the cat  From the cat  From a cat cat Tama First of all ... < /> "login" on the Watashi plus website .

Watashi plus website

http: // www.

& nbsp;

There are two things you need to log in.

1 span style =" font-weight: bold; "> E-mail address as a member ID  2 Password < Note

& nbsp;

" I can not log in to Watashi Plus "" I forgot my password "" I do not know how to register newly

Watashi plus support Center 0120-31-4710

politely We will be responsive so it is safe.

Down arrow

" My page "is displayed. " current number of points " . "> span style =" font-weight: bold; "> point expiration date > The accumulated points can be exchanged for your favorite "things" or "things" Present

& nbsp;

The summary at the bottom of Watashi plus website at above URL is also easy to understand Eye

 >" ③ Use points in beauty point program " is popular among customers at crossroads ...

Roppongi / Akasaka area's

Two afternoon tea at Conrad Tokyo in the Shiodome area,

Two people special lunch for "Wakiya Immigrant Tea House" In addition, there are many people enjoying lunch and dinner in the Ginza, Shinjuku area Knives and forks

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

[Quantity Limited】 Le Creuset, Antepurima / Mist, Matsuzaka beef.

Other, Hokkaido delicious set, Shiseido parlor gourmet set etc.

is a quick winner so please do not forget the remaining number Eye  From the cat  From the cat  From the cat  cat head width =" 24 ">


If you inform in advance "shopping list" , we prepare the item by the day and leave it.

Since it will run out of stock or waiting time, please do good  Chu

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

▽ The latest in the cross- Information from here!

& nbsp;

【Today's Information Liberation】 【10% reduction】 Shiseido's Watashi plus point!


Hello. Shizuka Eye

& nbsp;

I will do it again this year too!

glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter

< [limited time]

"> Shiseido Watashi plus point" 10% reduction "! "> Duration: 9/18 (Tue) - 29 (Saturday) color: rgb (255, 127, 0); "> ※ The cross holder is closed on Sundays " The above campaign is up to 30 (days).

glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter glitter glitter

& nbsp;

& nbsp " Dharma For further deals, at the end of this blog! Dharma Opportunity only twice a year! "> Watashi plus point "10% reduction"! Do not miss this opportunity good  Chu

& nbsp;

 shooting star Watashi plus point" 10% reduction "...?

Points are reduced by 10% against the amount of cosmetics (tax excluded) purchased during the above period gifts When purchasing a product with a current return rate of 3% for 30,000 yen (tax- "> Reduction rate 3% → 900 points earned

" color: rgb (255, 127, 0); "> , but during this period " Redemption ratio Buy 2,100 points  Choch

※ The rate of return differs for each customer (1 to 5%).

You can check your own return rate on my page of Watashi Plus.

shooting star "What happens when I save Watashi plus points?"

from here.

& nbsp;

span style = "font - size: 1.96em;"> even!

glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter

Monthly Cruise Shop Mercy Point 【Double】 Day is 9/20 (Thursday) glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter  glitter

【limited time】 Yujiya Renewal 1 year anniversary event! "> Duration: 5 days from 9/25 (Tuesday) to 29 (Saturday)

img alt = "glitter" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> < img alt = "glitter" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> < img alt = "glitter" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> < img alt = "glitter" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> < img alt = "glitter" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> < img alt = "glitter" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24" > glitter glitter glitter glitter

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

style = "font-size: 1.96em;"> That's right! " This month's largest event

Ryujiya renewal 1 year anniversary event

glitter profit ① Watashi plus point 10% For example, Currently In case of 3% reduction rate → 900 points earned

Redemption rate 10% → 3,000 points earned Right arrow 2,100 Point profitable choke  shy

* The rate of return differs for each customer (1 to 5% Until).

You can check your own return rate on my page of Watashi Plus.

glitter profit ② crosshair Mercy Point " 30,000 yen or more (excluding tax)  right arrow Mercy Point [3 times]

> Mercy Point [double]

& nb sp;

glitter Triangular pheasant (no sky) every 5,000 yen (tax excluded) < " You can also draw as many as six triangular hooks!

Note  2 and  3 includes not only cosmetics but also esthetic.

& nbsp;

▽ See the details of the cross-story renewal 1st anniversary event from here.  lol

& nbsp;

▽ Junjutsu shop ___ ___ 0 The latest information on here!

& nbsp;

【Newly launched】 For those who want "both easy and also high quality of quality" from Clé de Peau Beaute!


Hello. Shizuka Red rose> "Ease of use, simplicity, high quality finish.

There are foundations that can all be realized "


Do you want to try it?

& nbsp; from Credit-Pauvote

The long - awaited new appearance in 9/21 (Friday)!

When you hear that

I expect you shy

& nbsp;

That is here up arrow width =" 24 "> = "font - size: 1.4em;"> Cushion foundation newly appears from Clé de Peau Beaute!

& nbsp;

& "Width =" 24 ">  false What is "cushion foundation" in the first place?

glitter It combines the freshness of the liquid foundation and the powder foundation's smoothness (Good Liquid and Powder Good!) "> Now shiny skin is easy to finish.

glitter> Ease is attractive.

glitter> as a powder foundation finished with a liquid foundation. > beautiful skin "> easy and Do not care about drying I am delighted.

glitter Cushion foundation is Convenient to carry In addition, even with repainting, it is easy to reproduce even and uneven skin, so It may be used for makeup ◎ .

Although it will dry out with powder foundation, it is also recommended for those who have been suffering that they can not repair well in Liquid.

dolphin ? What 's great, Clement de Beaute' s cushion foundation?

Yumemiru Jewelry span style =" color: => font-size: 1.4 em; "> high skin care effect and Realizes natural but glamorous gloss !

Give moisture to your skin + ingredient combination to keep moisture. unique compound component "Illuminating Complex EX" is mixed .

Yumemiru gem > transparency "> Natural coverage realized! style =" font - weight: bold; "> Span style =" color: rgb (255, 0, 0); ">> -weight: bold; "> Freely covered power .

Yumemiru gem span style = font-size: 1.4 em; "> Dullness, yore and finish without fineness lasting all day long! > pore - roughness correction force also excellent, Realizes a smooth and uniform finish !

Yumemiru gem Prevent drying and oxidation by ultraviolet rays etc.

"Covering power is low", "Mochi is bad", "It is prone to unevenness" "Teka"

If you are a cushion foundation of Clé de Peau Bete,

Far away from such troubles, finish on a further upscale skin You are Love

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

;>> Tan cushion eclat

for all season

All 6 colors 9,000 yen

refill all 6 colors 7,000 yen

SPF 25 / PA +++

puff (Tung cushion eclat) 700 yen

& nbsp; p>

& nbsp;

There are mainly five kinds of foundations in Clement de Peau Bete.

1 Le Fondutan 30,000 yen

 2 Tan Claim Eclat 12,000 yen

3 Tanfluid Eclat 12,000 Yen

4 Tungstic Eclat 8,000 yen

5 Tung Poodle Eclat, Tannatur rail Poodle Blanc Refill 9,000 yen (Case 2, 500 yen, dedicated sponge 500 yen)

6> Since the refresh is 7,000 yen for the" 16 "> th new cushion foundation, nice price it is good Chu

& nbsp;

& nbsp; < / p>

effective usage I will talk about feeling it on your own skin. skin color check (free)  eye

First of all, please feel free to use your own skin Please feel it.

& nbsp;

* All prices are exclusive of tax.

"Stock of delicious vegetables from the whole country" feeling!


Hello. Shizuka Banana

& nbsp;

Everyone, Oisix / span> do you know?

I bet he may also say "Oisix is ​​my home!"

I have recently started, so I feel that I can not fully enjoy it yet </ p> <p> & nbsp; ASEASE < p>

apple I noticed that there seems to be vegetables and fruits that I do not know yet

To the body

& nbsp; & nbsp; & lt; p & gt;

Why did I start thinking, but

I have met a delicious thing with this kind of easing chick. span> grin

 down arrow

 Meal Kit" Kit Oisix "

font - weight: bold; "> Menu kit with recipes that can make 2 items within 20 minutes

& nbsp;

It is very difficult to think of a menu every day Tallah

When you go shopping, I will buy extra things  ha

In the first place I am not good at cooking Moyamoya

I thankfully to my kit chu

& nbsp; < / p>

However, I can not make it within 20 minutes that I am not accustomed to cooking yet grin Let's eat seasonal rare vegetables so much < 24 "src =" "width =" 24 "> 爆 la "

I ordered a single item such as vegetables, fish, meat etc. Down arrow

& nbsp;

// "width =" 24 ">

& nbsp;

Mr. Ozawa in Saitama Prefecture is making "> Smooth texture silk lotus

& nbsp;

That's cute!

"When you steak, it will be a fine item."

"When you bake, it becomes tender and soft to the torso."

When I read it, I want to eat gazene Knife and fork

& nbsp;

The completed picture is ... I forgot to take it and ate it.

I did it Gern

It was tasty  Doki Doki

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Contracts nationwide You can eat farmers' delicious vegetables and fruits. " Let's have delicious vegetables from the whole country "feel better!

There seems to be many topical vegetables such as blurred, tossed, tomato etc. glitter

& nbsp; < / p>

The fall of appetite comes chestnut  autumn leaves