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Togoshiginza is a "specialty store Jujiya of your skin" of the shopping district. Hear the story of your your one person you alone, we will introduce an optimal skin care, makeup. There is also beauty room. Please feel free to come to the store!

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[Today's lifting! 】 Watashi plus "points 10% reduction" and "day at W" day!


Hello. Shizuka cherry

【Today's lifting!

Watashi plus" Point 10% Redemption "campaign "

& nbsp;

Duration: 3 / 16th (Friday) until 3/31 (Saturday) For "Day on W" deals, at the end of this blog Chu

& nbsp;

" Watashi plus" Point 10% Redemption "campaign and & nbsp;

"> Reduce points by 10%! Normally, the reduction rate is 1 to 5% , but this Everyone 10% reduction during the period!

(Please check your return rate from My page of Watashi Plus

& nbsp;

For example, if you purchase a product with a current return rate of 3% and 40,000 yen (tax- excluded) Reduction rate 3% → 1,200 points earned

Redemption rate 10% → 4,000 points earned right arrow Save 2,800 points!

& nbsp; & nbsp;

& nbsp; "> What can you do with the accumulated points?

& nbsp;

It's most popular up to the customers of the cross-shop, here down arrow

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Recently, attention is here down arrow

Last year Masako shop manager tried to exchange this meat at a point .... / blog / ucs / img / char / char3 / 121.png

[Quantity limited], [Remaining 0] ... I was crying um ー draggable =

But it seems that we can still make it this time  wink

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Here down arrow It was already 【remaining 0】  Tallah

As expected, Antepurma.

It seems that it was also very popular 【adding quantity】.

By all means next time goo  LOL

 < Because you can taste it by boiling and chilling.

Your help item grin

= "" width = "24">

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Here's what I thought was interesting down arrow

You can enjoy delicious coffee fashionably at home easily!

You will feel better too shy

Watashi plus" Period of 10% reduction "is <

& nbsp;

Mercy Point Doubling Day of the cross-shop during that period is

By p> 3/20 (Tuesday), 29 (Thurs), 30 (Friday), 31 (Saturday)

& nbsp;


for 4 days from 3/20 (Tue), 29 (Thu), 30 (Fri), 31 "  1 Watashi Plus "Point 10% reduction" "> 2  1  2 Both" great at W " = "24" src = "" width = "24"> LOL

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

glitter You can shop smoothly < "width =" 24 ">

Watashi plus" Point 10% reduction "before the period starts

1  2 Come to a store other than" Day at W "day

 Down arrow

In particular, you can add color items or lost items to < / p>

Down arrow < / p>

down arrow < p> On the day you visit, you can shop smoothly Good  LOL

& nbsp;

This work, this practice is on the increase!

In this period, please shop to "profitable".

【Deals】 Mercy Point Day in March!


I can hardly wait for spring cherry  bare  cherry < > gift Mercy Point "Double" Day! "> Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, 31st March " gifts " < span style = "font-weight: bold;"> is

"Congratulations" Mercy Point" 3 times "! "

No matter how much [good price <: spon style = "font - size: 1.4 em;"> > Is it?

For example, for shopping or esthetic with ¥ 10,000 (tax excluded),

style = "font-weight: bold;"> Usually about 300 points = 300 yen

glitter Mercy Point "double" ... about 600 points = width =" 24 " ">" 3 times " ...

< 900 yen =" spon style = "font - size: 1.4 em;"> 900 yen minutes / span>

You can earn points good  LOL Payment in cash is advantageous.

(For credit cards it will be 1/2 magnification.)

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Speaking of March "

Before that, > esthetic


< span style = "font-size: 1.4em;"> do not you prepare ?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Pollen, at the turn of the season, to those who care about your skin!


& nbsp;

Hello. Shizuka Gerbera

"Pollen, I'm concerned about your skin condition at the turn of the season ...

"  Nico Nico


& nbsp;

▽ Please see that blog from here.

& nbsp;

From then on, "When I tried using it, it was like this." Voice,

"I also recommend using this" I tried put together. 1 d program allele barrier series

& nbsp;

Magical Crown

" I usually use other BB cream, but during this time it is < p> d Program Alle Barbarria

SPF 40 also has natural covering power and

after all

& nbsp; & nbsp;


Magical Crown d Program Allebarea Essence

"I will use it again this year. Because the symptoms of the skin were light at the pollen season last year.

Magical Crown d Program Allen Barrier Mist

"I was always concerned about adding a foundation to the mask.

But even after painting the foundation and spraying it, > Foundation is not masked

up arrow

After noticing it, height = "24" src = "" width = "24">

Harmful to your skin

Looks like your skin to "cause you not to touch the skin directly" It is because it makes it look like I put one film on it LOL

& nbsp;

" I am concerned about dry skin more

This is <

up arrow You can understand that moist, moisturizing false "height =" 24 "src =" "width =" 24 ">

Only Toner

"Moist" and "moisture" are given more than you fly

& nbsp;


"At the time of makeup If you use, makeup rice cake is good! " Looks like a morning finish

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp; p>

2 Span style = "color: rgb (0, 0, 255);"> Benfique Hydro UV Genius (UV & amp; IR) "font-weight: bold;"> 3,500 yen + tax 2

The most popular date in a cross-store day glitter

& nbsp;

 Magical Crown " Even though it is a sun- The skin looks beautiful!

On a day off, it is OK with this and face powder. "

 up arrow

That's why! The effect of the serum is also high. 爆 笑

& nbsp;

 Magical Crown > I use it as a makeup base , I use a foundation well,

makeup is also very good."

& nbsp;

Magical Crown" Spot style = "color: rgb (255, 0, 0);">

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

< img alt = "3" draggable = "false" height = "16" src = "" width = "16"> < "> Benefique Multi-Conditioning Lotion

(Quasi - drug) ¥ 3,500 + Tax

& nbsp;

Familiar with" Marcon "!

& nbsp;

Magical Crown" I also like the usual lotion, so I keep using it.

Marcon is a span style = "color : <> span style = "font-weight: bold;"> Partially

You are using.

& nbsp;

Magical Crown" I always use it as a lotion, but it's dry and

skin is out of order

Lotion mask span> . "

 up arrow

Because it also has a moisturizing, sedation and anti-inflammatory effect, it is reassuring.

When used with a lotion mask, it is easy to feel the effect quickly 爆 la

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

How is it?

I hope you find it helpful!

By all means, please also share your voice Nico Nico

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

▽ The latest information on the cross holder is here ! .html? shopCd = 231034

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Speaking of "marriage" · · ·.


& nbsp;

Hello. Shizuka Heart

Everyone, do you know where this building is? " Marriage "is said to be famous enough to be said" coco! "


& nbsp; "> Tokyo Okamiya !

When I was talking with a friend,

a friend "After all, when I say" marriage ", it is Tokyo Okamiya.

"> > "

I am sorry "I'm outgoing" font-weight: bold; ">  ? What? I do not know. By p>

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;


I invited my sister and went on the day off on the other day good  grin

& nbsp;

What I was learning and studying for a while before visiting



Let's wait under the stone steps when someone is worshiping in front of your money box.

& nbsp;

That's right.

When you go up the 4 steps of stone steps you can stand in front of the saisen box, but by waiting under the stone steps

with God I felt like I was facing one on one. > > > Suzuran protected is famous! / p>

& nbsp;

Here we have defense of Suzuran, there are all three colors.

I chose green and white, but ... I got lost considerably ASEASE

It's such a pretty amulet!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;


We received a clear file of umbrella pattern umbrella

& nbsp;

" Thank you for coming in while rain and snow are falling. p>

With gratitude.

& nbsp;

Unfortunately it rained in snowflakes and visited while trembling in the cold, but there were also good things  Chu < p>

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

To Danna,

"Why are you going to marry me? alt = "er" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> "< / p>


" New

"Getting to know new things"

is interesting LOL

& nbsp;

Other " Place where you first went to the worship ceremony I knew that it was.

This is one of the famous reasons for "marriage" glitter

& nbsp;

There is such a wonderful place in the middle of Tokyo.

By all means, I want you to feel that fresh air feeling!