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Togoshiginza is a "specialty store Jujiya of your skin" of the shopping district. Hear the story of your your one person you alone, we will introduce an optimal skin care, makeup. There is also beauty room. Please feel free to come to the store!

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[New release] If you have this cream! Cosme Decolute AQ Absolute X


Hello. Shizuka Rainbow

The environment surrounding our women

Sleep quality / time  Moyamoya

Stress Moyamoya

Change Moyamoya

There, aging Moyamoya is added ...

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

skin smoothness

& nbsp; <

First rank slack Second place is not hard "style =" color: # ff0000; "> garn

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& nbsp "

-color: #ffbfbf; "> Cause of skin lumps ...

Studies have a negative effect on the surrounding tissues and cells,

lowering the density of the dermis and making it a squash "> spong style =" font - weight: bold; "> troublesome cells found magnifying glass  Eye font-size: 1.4 em; "> Troubleshooting The cells become somehow? How do you manage it? = "font - weight: bold;"> Stop skin dry! par " span style = "font - weight: bold;"> Black power! draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" "> Soybean fermented soybean milk fermentation " x

The main of AQ Milliony black soy extract

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

This The power of black is contains hormone - like ingredients, antioxidant (= anti - aging) ingredients · · ·

Sleep quality / time Moyamoya  right arrow As if after plenty of sleep sleeping transparency > Complete overnight!

Stress Moyamoya  right arrow

Change in female hormone Moyamoya  right arrow Fluffy · soft To the skin !

Aging Moyamoya  right arrow that you can improve your skin from the root and improve your skin smoothness "font-size: 1.96em;"> If you have this cream!

[New Release] January 16, 2019

AQ cream absolute X" COSME DE CORTE "

50,000 yen

" Actually using it

 glitter > style = "font-size: 1.96em;"> Quickness to feel effect!

Really. Overnight. in the morning = "font - weight: bold;"> "Ooo!" . Clearly understand  Good Chu

& nbsp;

 glitter : 1.96em; "> Surprising skin familiarity!

Fluffy soft cream adapts to your skin! "That? cream

And, satisfaction ◎

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

From me If you started trying this cream a little earlier,

"Listen. My husband, I was told that - heart "

& nbsp; "> What! I also want to be told!

& nbsp;

I like this cream too much and can not wait until the night sweat

In the morning, I use it a little bit less hello past backward work flashlight bulb

normal use The amount is 1 pearl grain, but when you feel that your skin is in bad shape, when you use 2 pearl grains, it seems to recover quickly!

& nbsp;

glitter Spatula problem, settling!

& nbsp;

Would you worry about where to put the spatula?

But this is fun LOL

& nbsp;

▽ If this does not bother me! Easy Ching!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

【Cross Ya original】 Reservation benefits! gift = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> benefit 1 Mercy Point Point-up 【6 times】!

& nbsp;

Mercy Points are raising 15 points each time at 500 yen (tax excluded) normally.

50,000 yen / 500 yen = Magical Crown

 Magical Crown × 15 points × 6 times = ◯◯◯ points  Surprised <

& nbsp;

Add a little bit of points or

add a little cash ...

Best cosme award winning cosmetics des corte drop to rust (= aging) AQ Milliony Cleansing Cream wrinkle-improvement essence iP.Shot Advanced

· When used, the skin changes AQ Emulsion · Lotion · Oil Infusion

etc also get points Glitter

* Of course, you can exchange with your favorite items, not limited to this product! Love

& nbsp;

"width =" 24 ">

& nbsp;

& nbsp; font - weight: bold; ">  gifts benefit 2

[Limited quantity] AQ skin care special set

AQ cleansing, facial cleansing, facial cleansing, Please enjoy care of milky lotion, lotion, cotton !

※ There are limitations on the number. It will end as soon as it is gone.

& nbsp;

Campaign in progress! " 【Quantity Limited】 => font-weight: bold; "> AQ Milky lotion & lotion set purchase privilege

New release: January 16, 2019

& nbsp;

For those who purchased AQ's milk lotion and lotion in a set > "AQ cream absolute X"

3 days sample gifts

& nbsp;

· AQ Emulsion / AQ Emulsion ER (more moist type) / AQ emulsion SR (moisturizing moist type)

· AQ lotion / AQ lotion ER (more moist type)

※ There are limitations on the number. It will end as soon as it is gone.

& nbsp;

In a cross-store, latex → lotion → AQ cream absolute X

While talking about the correct usage and usage, you can actually try it.

Please feel free to tell Clover (All prices are without tax )

[New release] Look here! I can see the color of lipstick! Clé de Peau Beaute Rougeultine


Hello. Shizuka Pink rose

& nbsp;

However, " Credit de Pauvote 's Spring / Summer 2019 lipstick! Check good

& nbsp; / "width =" 24 ">  LOL

& nbsp;

& nbsp; " > January 21, 2019 [New release] : # 000073; "> Credit porte

Rouge-suru mine

All 12 colors 5,000 yen

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

It is an evolutionary version of the existing Credit-de-Portuguese Rouge Ecra C ... Evolution < span style = "font - size: 1.96em;"> There are four nice points! glitter nice point 1

Lipstick color is

Those who use more than one color do not know the color unless you open the cap ... · · ·

& nbsp;

& nbsp; > Coco, look at it!>

Beautiful! It is fun to have colors lining up! shy

= "285" src = "" width = "380">

[New release] CLE DE DE PO BEAUTE Rouge Rumuline can be understood at a glance glitter

Beautiful as well as functional!

& nbsp;

* CLEE DE PO BEAUTE Rouge Ecra C is a holder (3,500 yen)

[New Release] CLE DE DE PO BEAUTE Rougelumine is a response of Refill There is no.

& nbsp; bold; ">  glitter Collect light from all directions and wherever you look / span style = "font - weight: bold;"> plump And a three dimensional sense!

· Light from the front is a lefth effect with a red pearl agent, Blood sensation and feeling of rest .

· The light from the side is a lefth effect of plate-like powder, and Natural 3D appearance from anywhere Realized!

& nbsp;

glitter nice point 3

ornate coloring and Transparency compatibility!

& nbsp;

Coloring components with high transparency add redness and support coloring. transparency up But firmly coloring realized!

& nbsp;

glitter span style = "color: # ff 0000;"> Oil melting at body temperature Thickness Outstanding fitting oil

With this oil, spreading like melting but wrapping the lips such as vertical wrinkle, and evenly touching!

& nbsp;

Of course, continuing from the existing Credit de Pauvote Rouge Ecra C

Glitter Finish lasting for a long time (lasting 8 hours)

 glitter Lip moisturizing effect persists (lasting 4 hours)

 sparkling By keeping using it, color: # ff0000; "> Feel the moist lips

 glitter By continuing to use various src = "" width = "24"> Premium Argan Oil Combination

Glitter Tone natural rose essence etc

& nbsp;

red rose height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> red rose  red rose

By all means, please try to realize this moisture and beautiful coloring  goo  Chu

At that time, "favorite color" " Challenge color " Let's try it!

& nbsp;

For example, our 'favorite color' and 'challenge'

& nbsp;


& nbsp;

 ③ Sweet satin <12> Grenadine The face looks tight "> Skin color also looks bright .

Is it because there is a sense of transparency although there is solid color?

> Not heavy!

& nbsp;

In fact,

Since the degree of color development can also be adjusted by painting method, moderate it or make it color well. Even with a single lipstick

& nbsp; ; "> Easy to paint!

Sleuth thru is a feeling that lipstick slips on the lip.

This is thanks to oil, is not it?

& nbsp;

"Favorite color" "Challenge color"

& nbsp;

font - size: 1.4 em; "> ⑤ Perfect Peach Fresh Coral Peach

⑪ Dam


Every time you choose a pink lipstick Although it is many, I chose the color of ⑤ so beautifully.

As the name of Coral Peach, Coral is a pink and orange "color of a good take" color .

Although it fits the makeup item and the clothes on hand but it differs from the usual pink system, bold; "> I want this color! <11> As with Momoyo, ⑪ is a lipstick that develops less well, is familiar with ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 I am not. However, it is the color that puts a solid color on the mouth is Continue Trend Dashi. I thought, this time challenge! Especially surprised surprised

Really. much more than just placing a solid color on the mouth "Make me just now"!

& nbsp;

This rougeulmine has a small diameter Slim stick type , It was easy to paint beautifully easily even in color.

Actually, on this day, I forgot about lip balm and it was dry.

Once I painted this rougeulmine, Did you get it?

I no longer mind it.

& nbsp;

If you try "favorite color" and "challenge color", new discovery Has good  Chu

What is the color of your favorite color and challenge color? lip

& nbsp;

(All prices exclude tax.)

【New release】 Stretch · Plump · Disappear with light! What is a no-color concealer?


Hello. Shizuka Pink rose

& nbsp;

Everyone, what is your eye wrinkle care?

& nbsp;

Small wrinkles are noticeable when attached with foundation Moyamoya

The more you try to conceal it, the thicker you become unnaturally Become more and more worse Moyamoya

& nbsp;

Eyes take too much trouble and get tired out, a little troublesome  shobon sweat

" but,

wrinkles can also be reset by make - up! style =" color: # ff007d;

& nbsp;

pink rose height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> Just by turning on from the top of the foundation, instant eye

pink rose No color concealer finishing to a bright eyelid

 down arrow

January 21, 2019 [New release] Benefic

Wrinkle Resetter

> 3,500 yen

& nbsp;

I proposed this product Shiseido's BC who is in contact with customers every day inspiration bulb

The trigger was that

" I was surprised by my own eye wrinkles and dullness that I took self- .

What is it?  shy  applause How do you make wrinkles inconspicuous?

Why is the eye wrinkles inevitable? Do you stand out?

1 Since the eye moves well, it is easy to wrinkle

 2 The eyes are thin and dry easily

< img alt = "3" draggable = "false" height = "16" src = "" width = "16"> wrinkle Is a groove.

& nbsp;

font-size: 1.4 em; ">  glitter Stretch wrinkles! Stretched state Shape memory .

It's okay if my skin moves due to changes in facial expressions. Also, ingredients that stick closely together pin are also included. "

: bold; ">  glitter Please fill in the groove of wrinkle and show me plump!

A soft gel fits the concave portion of the wrinkle and > testimony style = "font-weight: bold;"> ease of stretching

& nbsp " Light wrinkle It erases with! ;>> Super diffusion powder scatters light in various directions, so it will show the shadow of wrinkles fluffily <

& nbsp;

Actually painted!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

I will paint from the outer corner of the eyes ...

At this time, I have points!

I will tell you at the shop LOL

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

< p> glitter Because it is no color span> , painting feeling, thick feeling, hidden feeling none at all!

However, wrinkles disappear properly Good  Chu I am surprised at the smoothness and the goodness of extension! > Adhesion is a sense of security ◎! > brightness "font-weight: bold;"> gloss feeling will also be added!

The brighter the center of the face, especially around the eyes,

· The skin looks beautiful

· It gets a cheerful impression (I do not want to see you exhausted!)

so  good Chu

& nbsp;

& nbsp ;

Sun Of course in the morning, when making makeup.

rainbow When you are concerned, such as lunch correction or evening before the evening, You can use it anytime .

Experience & reservation benefits available!

In a cross-shop, everyone is hanging around like this.

"> Easy to try  wink

First, let's try it!

I will tell you how to use correctly and how to use it effectively. reservation accepted & "> 【Cross store original】 There are reservation benefits  gifts

& nbsp;

& nbsp; span style = "background-color: #ffbfde;"> Double care, effects also double? draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" makes the wrinkle inconspicuous with 【makeup effect】 but ...

"Can also use [Skin care], double care  goo  Chu Since" wrinkle improvement " effect was recognized," wrinkle improvement "can be said clearly

& nbsp;

▽ Which way should you do "wrinkle improvement"?

& nbsp;

(All prices are exclusive of tax.)

Well, huge! I was surprised at the year-end party.


Hello. Shizuka Red wine  blur  white wine

& nbsp;

Oh? This child up arrow Are you drunk with a good feeling too?

& nbsp;

holding a year-end party !

& nbsp;

Masako store manager made a drink all course course LOL Thank you!

First of all, a toast beer  draft beer .

Red wine school from the 2nd, 3rd cup red wine, white wine faction  white wine span style = "font - weight: bold;"> With, is huge! surprised

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

In my hand comparisons, img alt = "sweat" draggable = "false" height = "16" src = "" width = "16"> <

Comprehension with 1 liter of milk is here down arrow

& nbsp; height = "24" src = "" width = "24">

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Anyway! It's huge! heavy!

& nbsp;

Hold the glass with both hands " Good job muscle

& nbsp;

Since I asked for red wine and white wine, this huge wine bottle was placed on the table

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

But that amount is ...

___ ___ 0 / o 0792105614315604719.jpg "width =" 380 ">

& nbsp;

Because a typical wine bottle is 750 mL,

font - size: 1.96em; "> just double! red wine red wine and white wine  white wine One by one

In about two hours, < " Deliciously drink good shy

Masako manager, a little staggering foot Footprint Drinking have, it more than talking.

It was a pleasant year-end party!

Thank you very much.

& nbsp;

From now on, it's a year-end party, a Christmas party season.

Everyone please have a wonderful time glitter

& nbsp;

【Campaign】 A gift for buying two iP.Shot ADs is incredible!


Hello. Shizuka Blue note

">  Magical Crown Best cosme award  Magical Crown font-size: 1.4 em; "> High function" wrinkle improvement "serums

iP.Shot (ip shot) Advanced

Present delivery of the campaign No. 1 The bullet seems to reach the store around 12/16.

I kept you waiting 爆 la to those who purchased two iP.Shot Advanced during the term "font-weight: bold; "> iP.Shot Advanced

Half size (10 g) gifts gifts

& nbsp;

Duration: 9/16 to next year 2019 1 / 31 =

& nbsp;

Use properly morning and evening!

And keep on with it!

So it's nice to have half-size gifts gifts  shy

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

I think that I already handed over this card to those who purchased 1 bottle.

& nbsp;

 You can still make it in time goo Chu

I wonder if I can get it.

& nbsp;

And if you are doubtful, please also look at my experiment here eyes

Down arrow

▽ How did you get addicted to the experiment for 3 days ...?

From here!

& nbsp;