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Togoshiginza is a "specialty store Jujiya of your skin" of the shopping district. Hear the story of your your one person you alone, we will introduce an optimal skin care, makeup. There is also beauty room. Please feel free to come to the store!

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If you feel the "dry", try changing the ○○!


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Hello. It is Shizuka cloudy

The other 12 May.

cold also became full-fledged snow crystal

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recently, ... to hear often from our customers is < p> "your skin it can be seen that is dry."

"of kana. days the company is dry dry anxious."

" and are dry, foundation is not be finished in beautiful. " etc.


"drying" of your skin enemy is what grins

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So, in the dry " immediately "in order to meet!

Here are the proposed referred to as "○○ the change" inspiration bulb

··· is the ○○

is a makeup base (base) .

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here up arrow

of Shiseido d program

left Arerubaria essence

right Arerubaria cream

each 3,000 yen + tax

in the air protect your skin fine dirt and from drying.

(pollen, dust, dust, dry)

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

spring left Arerubaria essence is recommended for summer ,

Glitter the middle for protection essence day

 Glitter fresh, smooth and feel

 Glitter water proof

& nbsp; < p> recommended for fall and winter right Arerubaria cream is,

Glitter Medium for protection cream day

 Glitter moist feel

 Glitter moisture for a long time keep

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

here down arrow

Shiseido of BENEFIQUE

left makeup base (aura Dream) < / span>

Right make-up base (hot Moisture)

each 4,000 yen + tax

& nbsp; left make-up base recommended for

spring and summer (aura Dream) is,

Glitter corresponds to the makeup, such as sweat, sebum

 Glitter irregularities such as pores and texture Specifications inconspicuous Masu under

Glitter keep a sense of transparency

 Glitter smooth and feel

& nbsp;

right make-up base recommended for autumn and winter (hot Moisture) is,

< img alt = "Glitter" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> florid finish to the skin with a feeling and clarity

Glitter because the warming type, you warm up When you rub your skin

 Glitter prevent the collapse of such blowing uneven powder due to drying

 Glitter moist, smooth your skin to keep

Glitter a little pink, you finish on the skin with a florid sense of

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

last here down arrow

of Cle de Peau Beaute

< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> left Ivoire Trang Suparan

right Ivoire Kore couture

each 6,000 yen + tax

& nbsp;

As expected, Cle de Peau Beaute!

Both can dry measures gulp  smiling

Glitter dullness and the influence of sweat prevent makeup, beautiful finish is the duration of the foundation

 Glitter even without drying time is passed, a long period of time is skin with a moist moisture sustained

& nbsp;

each of the features, left Ivoire transformer Paran recommended for

spring and summer,

Kira La as Essence fresh comfortable to use

Glitter and refreshing skin

& nbsp;

< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> right Ivoire Kore couture recommended to Fall is,

Glitter to cover fine lines, pores, uneven color, smooth skin the realization

Glitter smooth comfortable to use as high-quality cream

 Glitter to the moist and the skin

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

in this way, there are various features in the makeup base (base).

Winter drying sweat often summer and low temperatures in a high temperature In,

your skin it's different things that are in need.

So, makeup base (the base) is also selectively used according to the state of your skin and

beautiful realization! Long-lasting of the one would not be?

& nbsp;

at Jujiya is, according to your skin you are one person you alone makeup base (base)

you will be chosen.

do not hesitate to please consult Chu

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PR: attention to the human rights violations that exploits the Internet! - Government Public Relations

to hurt people in simplistic writing also ! The point of order to prevent human rights violations on the net?

Ahead of 2018! This is to be used!


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Hello. It is Shizuka Pink Roses

& nbsp;

came! came!

Jujiya tester came in!

& nbsp; was looking forward Innovation

not a ーーー!

at last! I came I was over!

I'm happy over! explosion laughs

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

from being raised is so tension,

because of here beautiful gross up arrow < / p>

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[new release] January 21, 2018

Cle de Peau Beaute

brilliant array Bull Eclat

8 colors each 4,000 yen + tax

& nbsp;

[add new color] January 21, 2018

Cle de Peau Beaute

Rouge array Bull n

3 colors each additional 6,000 yen + tax

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

also in-Star grams , it has already become a hot topic.

Recently, it has been said that the lipstick of "semi-matte" and "mat" is a trend,

"!? Cle de Peau Beaute of gross new release of whether the trend will change. "

enough to be referred to as the attention ! Topic is!

& nbsp;

trends but "semi-matte" and "mat",

"luster", " Glitter "is you like you.


I also love shy

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Cle de Peau Beaute

brilliant array Bull Eclat is,

 Magical crown fit in the mouth building  Goodbye  ask

 Magical crown gross in there is no beautiful color of until now Goodbye  ask

Magical crown elegant gloss  Goodbye  ask

Magical crown gross = sticky feeling, without any  Goodbye  ask

& nbsp;

& nbsp; < / p>

8 colors will be the new release, but ···

Unfortunately ···

can not choose ···

all the colors you want ··· Chu

& nbsp;

everyone, please try all colors by all means!

not be relied withhold !

Datte, this is It is the strongest of the gross!

This is to be used !

& nbsp;

Oh. January 21, can not wait over.

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In fact, not well known, this product.


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Hello. It is Shizuka explosion laughs

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recently, an increasing number of those who our store to look for a gift.

This time, nobody those are using,

"get to use absolute if this!"

"may be what one has I think I do. "

" I'm I'm happy if I got! "

that  Glitter iron plate items  Glitter .

& nbsp;

It is ···

hand Cream is .

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

popularity at Jujiya Nanoha, here up arrow

Shiseido KIRYO (personable) of hand cream is.

large size 900 yen + tax

small size 450 yen + tax

& nbsp; since

no coloring, fragrance-free, your favorite fragrance is also not have to worry about OK Goodbye Chu

since the non-colored, fragrance-free, safe in the kitchen dealing with food Goodbye  Chu

since the non-colored, fragrance-free, safe to use with any person  Goodbye  Chu

large size," Paka' "easy travel because the lid is open  Goodbye Chu

small size, it would Mochiaruke put in a pouch Goodbye Chu you have earned your voice, such as such as


& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp; any


In fact, little-known not

There is a hand cream grins Ushishi

where the other day was also introduced,

" well! hand cream Nante did you there? I did not know over! ask  hash "

and I received your voice of surprise!

& nbsp;

It is ... here down arrow

& nbsp;

Cle de Peau Beaute claim pool Geneva

(quasi-drug) SPF18 · PA ++ 8,500 yen + tax

" hand cream that produces a beautiful hand to hash "

& nbsp;

attaching feeling, of course, fragrance is also ish gentle woman Te ··· shy lovey-dovey

can not buy in quite yourself As you might price,

people in the know! Best hand cream is .

& nbsp;

Masako manager night only, it also, but we are using only up to much on the wrist from

fingertips ...

as the divided color and biting into the arm of the unused portion of your

we ended up clarity UP Chu

& nbsp;

< span style = "color: # ff0000;"> perfect for gift!

for yourself, it is good also try to scrounge?

& nbsp;

" gift wrapping Free " has been accepted in the !

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[Deals] in December Merci point Day!


where we leave this year, after 1 month!

This month, Christmas and New Year's Eve, such as year-end party,

It is also fun events Maiden Tokimeki  shy

& nbsp;

gift Merci point " 2 times " Day!

9 (Saturday), 20 days (water), 21 (Thursday), 22 days (gold) < p> & nbsp;

gift towards the December birthday is

Merci in the "Congratulations point" point "3 times"!

※ only per person once in your favorite day of your birth month

& nbsp;
& nbsp;
Christmas parties and year-end party, in front of the New Year,
Kore Goodbye smiling
down arrow
not lose to something "dry" or "cold"!
I had hoo! Pleasant hoo!
15 minutes 1,000 yen (excluding tax) Este
※ reservation required
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