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Togoshiginza is a "specialty store Jujiya of your skin" of the shopping district. Hear the story of your your one person you alone, we will introduce an optimal skin care, makeup. There is also beauty room. Please feel free to come to the store!

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【Campaign】 IP.Shot Advanced [sure to get] purchase gift!


Hello. Shizuka Snow crystal Magical Crown Best cosme award  Magical Crown High function" wrinkle improvement "serums

< > iP.Shot (ip shot) advanced "span style =" color: # ff0000;

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Buy two iP.Shot Advanced

I got a great present [sure to get it] " " campaign

The deadline is approaching! "

& nbsp; [twice] day LOL

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me There is no reason why iP.Shot Advanced can not be stopped!

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Year-end and New Year holidays.


Hello. Shizuka Nico Nico

& nbsp;

What kind of year-end / year-end did you all have?

& nbsp;

In New Year, I go up to New Year 's Day every year

I have uploaded photos of Asakusaji.

This year, I held the nephew of about 12 kg

so I could not take pictures sweat

& nbsp;

So this year, it was my tasty year-end / New Year holidays

story bomb

& nbsp;

 Bear tail First of all, at the end of the year 12/30 bear arm

Look! Eye

Even if it looks many times ... Delicious shy

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

This is close to the Musashi Oyama shopping district

It is located at the edge of the Togoshi Ginza shopping street

"Polar bear cafe Crepe's!

& nbsp;

Actually, I was worried a few times before going through the store, p>

I did not get the chance to get in easily.


Finally since I went with my friend in the middle of December ...

In this crepe and this shop I am addicted  LOL

So invite Danna this time.

& nbsp;

The first time, crepe of mushrooms, bean sprouts and white spots!

This time, this crepe of chocolate · banana!

Both of them also have soft cream soft cream

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Although the appearance is also pretty, the inside of the store is very comfortable Is good. full of guests for a wide range of age groups!

Atmosphere that you can go with confidence even with your child

There is worry for the staff Nico Nico

& nbsp; for a family of friends

" There is such a cafe locally,

Envy! " Pink

& nbsp;

bear tail Next is the beginning of the year 1/2 bear arm

Here too " I was concerned.

of the ALLEY & nbsp; LUJIAOXIANG) bold; "> Tapioca milk tea!

"src =" "width =" 24 ">

Always a long queue is a bit shorter

Mr. Danna "Well, but teenagers sweat

line up?"

I am" ... yes! " color: # ff0000;"> / blog / ucs / img / char / char3 / 003.png "width =" 24 ">

& nbsp;


"Do not drink it! Absolutely tasty!" And

To Danna, It was a mistake to pass ...

"Gokutan - gokutakkan - gokkin?"

, quite I do not get back to me Gern.

I almost drank it.

It was delicious.

Good luck grin

& nbsp; & nbsp;

【New release】 Stuck to the penetration than anything! Benefique dough


Hello. Shizuka Sun

penetration / span> 1/21 (Mon) "> font-size: 1.96em;"> Beneficed Does "> skin care series

& nbsp;

This Fresh green is fresh! Toner and emulsion bottles are easy to grasp , glad!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Is not this something?

Clover Tired, but

It does not go away even if I go to bed, it remains until the morning Moyamoya < / p>


"Skin is stiff "font-size: 1.4em;"> Skin care is not entered garn"

Because it's such a time, I want to care well · · · Moyamoya skin is still color: # 009944; " Become slippery Why do you penetrate quickly and deeply?


& nbsp;

If your skin is hard you will not get skin care, " in a lotion Unravel the stratum corneum , quickly penetrate.

<< span style = "font - size: 1.4 em;"> Fill with moisture. "> Emulsion (milk lotion)

quickly penetrated and < In addition, while delivering beauty ingredients to the back of your skin,

Embrace moisture.

& nbsp;

Lotion (toilet), emulsion "> Because it is a prescription that adapts to both water and oil further penetration up!

& nbsp; & nbsp;

& nbsp; Questionnaire result for those who repeated 7 consecutive days / span style = "color: # ff0000;"> glitter 100% not feeling dry

glitter Skin has become soft 93% sparkle 92% of skin with skin tingling < / p>


glitter I felt a sense of penetration inside

 glitter Smells well and can be relaxed

glitter Feeling pleasant feeling and pleasant feeling

Glitter I felt that I wanted to use everyday with scent that tiredness was reset

& nbsp;

It is said that there were many voices saying "It smells good." < img alt = "Chu" draggable = "false" height = "24" src = "" width = "24"> <

& nbsp;

If you are using this milky lotion, I want to use it!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

There are two types of milky lotions of Benefique dough.

Milky lot I: fresh and light feeling

Latex II: Mild and moist feel

& nbsp;

"Beneficed Does unique"

Latex I: fresh and light feeling

What is it?

Latex I:

Clover Fresh and light touch

< " Clover The color is transparent!

Clover Purupuru · fresh · non-sticky

 Magical Crown To touch many skin, / span>

> never before!

In addition, the penetration feeling of commitment!

Heavy things, sticky things Moyamoya I am concerned about milky lotion stickiness Moyamoya

, please try it. good

& nbsp;

Latex II:

Clover Mild and moist feel

Clover Temp, mildness, richness

Clover Oil content is high

Touching the skin

& nbsp;

By all means, please touch both!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

I do not know until actually using it!

& nbsp;

Would you like to try out Beneficed Does in the crossrooms?

Correct usage amount - With proper usage.

Because I am using it all the time. If you know this

The effect is completely different  goo

& nbsp;

A sample is also available doing.

※ The number is limited.

& nbsp;

Price is 2,500 yen ~

If it is a refill of lotion or milky lotion, it is around 3,000 yen range,

This Usability and skin feeling Good shy

& nbsp;

▽ Go to the website of Benefique Douce from here.

& nbsp;

Treat your skin in 2019 with a cross holder and Beneficed Does

together Sharpen Nico Nico  applause (All prices exclude tax.)

【Deals】 Point up in January <2 times> Notice of the day!


Kadomatsu Happy New Year. Kadoma Kagami Thank you very much for your visiting this cross-store. ema

& nbsp;

How did you spend the New Year's holidays?

2019 is fun too, do not try too hard, stay healthy and enjoy yourself at ease!

& nbsp;

gifts " Point up" twice "day!

Tuesday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday,

gifts January birthday

"congratulations point" -weight: bold; "> Mercy Point

Point up "3 times"!

* Only once per person on your favorite day of birth month < Great point Save it and shop with good profit Good  LOL

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