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Sakanakaikushi baked great circle

Shinagawa Togoshi 1-17-9 Hyakumandoru building 1F
Regular Holiday
Closed: Tuesday (once a month Wednesday Irregular)
Main products
Lake Hamana production eel, shellfish beach grilled, various fish Kaikushi, dish of season
Including the Lake Hamana production eel, you can enjoy a variety of fish, shellfish skewer such as squid, octopus, soft-shell shrimp. It also has been enhanced la carte of the beach grilled and seasonal perfect shell to drink.

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This has become a charter to closed from September 21, 18:30.

This has become a charter to closed from September 21, 18:30. 18 o'clock will be usually open from 14:00. In addition, Take Out is so we will wait for your visit corresponds as usual.

Deep-fried today recommended ❗ Mexicali ❗

Deep-fried today recommended ❗ Mexicali ❗ It served whole from the head with a crispy.

God has come ~ ❗

God has come ~ ❗ Wine Bar of Oi-cho on the day of such a typhoon Owner of "Hana wine" was Please bring a birthday gift ~ ❗ I really appreciate.

Today's catering ❗ curry rice ❗

Today's catering ❗ curry rice ❗ 3 is a holiday right in the middle of it, it might be early put away depending on the situation of the typhoon. When you come, please call ❗

Fish and shellfish of the prototype wonton ❗

Fish and shellfish of the prototype wonton ❗ Shellfish soup to surimi of wonton is delicious gently in the liquor deadline ❗