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Shinagawa Togoshi 1-19-18 TK Building 1F
Regular Holiday
Wednesday (It is open When the sunny)
Interior Goods, order furniture Renovation
Main products
Interior Goods, vintage goods, order furniture, renovation
Interior Goods, USED, vintage goods, interesting items not in the furniture etc ... other Gotham! Order furniture, it also offers renovation. The over-the-counter there is also Muromame house of Flower & green, a little native flower and green Lots has changed.

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Well, good smell of printing!

Well, good smell of printing! Newly created Seo flyer has been completed today. Sofa and shelves, such as a table, but you free business trip purchase is content that Yohn, Electric drill was also the start of rental, I feel that. Please feel free to use ☺︎🛠 # Seo shopping # Togoshiginza # Shinagawa # Ota # Meguro-ku # buy # furniture # thrift # Osaki # Musashi Koyama # Meguro # Gotanda # Nishikoyama

It is easy likely weather to spend a little today!

It is easy likely weather to spend a little today! Seo Shoten Obon also is open day off without. Muromame building is is summer vacation until Sunday 13 days from today 10 days, over-the-counter of green we'll available for purchase at Seo shop cash register ~! Please, please come 👐🌿 # Seo shopping # Togoshiginza # Shinagawa # Tokyo # furniture # miscellaneous goods # Interior

[Notice of temporary closure]

[Notice of temporary closure] Tomorrow 8/6 (day) because of the wedding participants, The store will be a good night. Thank you very much. # Togoshiginza # Seo shopping # miscellaneous goods # sticker #USA #interior

The body is not made of flour, hobby bread and pastry making.

The body is not made of flour, hobby bread and pastry making. The kitchen is my favorite fairy, Pillsbury Doughboy. Just not of Aikurushi perfect score of the kitchen of the fairy to the backbone Salt & Pepper appearance has been re-stock. (De) of the Pillsbury Doughboy than that of the fabric, the United States of long-established milling company Pillsbury's character of the But, In fact, real name is "Poppin Fresh". Small miniature also has become a popular person in front cash register. Today is also open from 11 o'clock!

Soy sauce Shiumai put, leopard-chan arrived a lot.

Soy sauce Shiumai put, leopard-chan arrived a lot. Each individual, it has been hard to face 👍 And the Do's pot child that walk the dog personally I thought, to the staff "Well I think you have such a face." It was told. Nor I do not know .... # Leopard-chan # Shiumai ## Seo shopping # Togoshiginza # interior # thrift #USED # miscellaneous goods # Tokyo # Shinagawa # Togoshi # Gotanda # Osaki # Oimachi #shinagawa #interior