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Shinagawa Togoshi 1-19-18
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sports cafe BAR & shop
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A 60-inch TV was placed two, daytime Cafe style, it is a sports cafe BAR of the night BAR style. The ATHLETA, also operating as SHOP to sell throughout the day the soccer supplies of PANTANAl. Team orders, etc. Please also contact us!

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The World Cup is finally over! !

The World Cup is finally over! ! It will be broadcasted not only for Japan national team fight but also for attention games. Please contact us for more information. 【First day of the Japanese national team】 Tuesday, June 19, 21: 00 kick off All standing Sofa seat charge separately ¥ 3000 ※ reservation possible 20: 30 ~ All-you-can-drink until the end of the match! ! ¥ 3500 / person (charge included) There is still vacancy. Those who are booked by Facebook · mail · or phone! ! 0364268546 (In case of answering machine, please give me your name, number of people, number to get in touch.) 09077389972 (direct staff) We are waiting for your reservation! ! Pivoye ~ Pivot - te ~

【A new liquor came in! ! 】

【A new liquor came in! ! 】 【REDRUM】 · · · It is lamb of Virginia Island and lamb of tropical flavor. It is innovative and bright red fashionable lamb. It is a very popular rum now in the United States!   Various drinking methods can be enjoyed at the ram of Virgin Island with the tropical fruit flavor.   This faint pink lamb is very useful as a cocktail base with various fruit juices as well as straight rock Recommended way to drink fruit juice Energy drink such as Red Bull And divide it! 【SOUTHERN COMFORT 35 ℃】 · · · Southern Kamfort is a liquor made by mulching spirits with fruits and herbs such as lemon, peach, orange, and further aged in a barrel for 6 months. As a taste it is a feeling that fruit flavor is refreshing in the mouth, it is a liquor that is also easy to recommend for women whose alcohol is weak. Various freaks such as lemon, peach, orange are melting in, but not all fruits are protruding, it is a fruity flavored taste as a whole. How to drink recommendation · · · squeeze lime and shot style 【Jacket】 (Dark rum + lime juice) Coke, ginger ale and carbonic acid 【Cocarello Bom】 · · · CoCarello Bomg Glass Receive a new arrival! ! The picture is the royal road of Cocaretlomb Red bull in the lower row, Cocallero in the upper row If you drink a toast it is definitely an instant! ! Taste it on this machine! !

【Notice from Pivote】

【Notice from Pivote】 How do you spend your Christmas this year? with friends? With a lover? With family? With work? . . . We will serve a wine sparkling wine to our woman who visited us this weekend, Saturday the 23rd (Sat) and Sunday the 24th (Sunday) (* ^ _ ^ *) Make a small Christmas present from Pivote! !

Today also started! !

Today also started! !