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Shinagawa Togoshi 1-19-18
Regular Holiday
sports cafe BAR & shop
Main products
A 60-inch TV was placed two, daytime Cafe style, it is a sports cafe BAR of the night BAR style. The ATHLETA, also operating as SHOP to sell throughout the day the soccer supplies of PANTANAl. Team orders, etc. Please also contact us!

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[New drink was to join! ! ]

[New drink was to join! ! ] [REDRUM] is the Lamb of ... Virginia Island lamb and tropical flavor. A novel manner is bright red stylish lamb. Now very popular rum in the United States!   A ram of the Virgin Island flavor came of tropical fruit, you can enjoy a variety of drinking.   Faint pink color of this ram to straight locks, of course, we are very handy as a cocktail base with various fruit juice Recommended drinking ... fruit juice Red Bull Energy Drink, etc. By dividing the! [SOUTHERN COMFORT 35 ℃] ... Southern Comfort is lemon and peach to neutral spirits, crowded with the fruits and herbs, such as orange, is the drink that it was further 6 months aging in oak barrels. Feeling as the taste fruit flavor is refreshing in the mouth, it is easy to drink recommend a drink also to weak women. Lemon and peach, it is dissolved various Freres such as orange, but it is the entire fruit flavors taste does not mean that any fruit is projected. In shot style squeeze the recommended of drinking ... lime [Jack Tar] (Dark rum + lime juice) Cola, and carbonic acid, such as ginger ale [Kokarerobomu] ... Coca Lero bomb glass stock per, newly introduce! ! Photos royal road of Kokarerobomu Kokarero in the lower Red Bull, in the upper part Nashi instant shine mistake if toast with everyone! ! There Come savor this opportunity! !

[News from Pivote]

[News from Pivote] How do you spend in your Christmas this year? with friends? Romance? And family? And work? . . . This weekend, 23 (Saturday), 24 days (days) the customer to sparkling wine that had you visit us women to full service (* ^ _ ^ *) A modest Christmas gift from Pivote! !

For more information soon, and publish in the Facebook page!

For more information soon, and publish in the Facebook page!

Also it began today! !

Also it began today! !