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Honenaga of Odori Gyoso

Shinagawa Togoshi 1-15-14
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Sales of raw frozen dumplings, grilled gyoza, camembert soft cream takeout, and other Hokkaido products such as Genghis Khan
Main products
Handmade gyoza born in Otofuke town in Tokachi, Hokkaido. The gyoza that was offered as a small ramen shop spread out in word of mouth as delicious, and now there are many fans all over the country! ! Please try outstanding dumplings not ever.

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Thank you for visiting us today😊

Thank you for visiting us today😊 Toukinko dumpling is Currently out of stock. As we will arrive on Saturday, 25th, If you are looking for Toko-buki gyoza, I hope you will come after Saturday afternoon Thank you very much. . . Thank you very much today too


. # Jongno # 鯖 # Cooked rice Delicious rice cake (kensaba) rice was cooked ♪ Thick and greasy, Too delicious than imagined, About a month later On the menu of Togoshi Ginza shop It may be included ☺️ ♡ It was a good Hokkaido business trip.  #Otoko Reiko #Too Choo # Otoko # # Party # Home Party # Magome # Shinagawa # Gotoda # Flag Stand # Nakanobu # Musashi Koyama # Nishi Koyama # Fudomae # Shiogami Akira # Mita # Takanawadai # Tokyu Ikegami # Line Gourmet # # Togoshi Ginza # Togoshi # Togoshi Ginza Shopping District # Eating Stagram # Eating Walk # Eating # Hokkaido Gourmet @ Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

Hello ^ ^

Hello ^ ^ It will be June soon. And soon July! ! ! Lol Togoshi Ginza shopping street in July, Shining a shopping street with lots of lights, There is a very beautiful one-day event. The schedule for this year's tour of Bonbon is It is Saturday, July 13, 2019 ♪ This year's Bonbon painting There seems to be a general offer ... ♡ First come first serve so please go ahead ^ ^ I'm not good at painting If you draw a picture of our shop by all means I hope you are welcome

Togoshi Ginza shopping district! Many people are walking today too! !

Togoshi Ginza shopping district! Many people are walking today too! ! Camembert soft cream Prepare four types of dumplings We are waiting for you ♡ Souvenir dumplings are very popular!


. At today's business trip meeting, Pork miso hormone is also grilled It's delicious and delicious! Add vegetables after this Taste is soaked in ♡ Hokkaido's finest rectal hormone. 220g ¥ 500 + tax #Otosha Houki no Takanaga #Togoshi Ginza # Hormon # Motu # I love meat # Hokkaido # Hokkaido Gourmet