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Honenaga of Odori Gyoso

Shinagawa Togoshi 1-15-14
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Sales of frozen dumplings
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Handmade gyoza born in Otofuke town in Tokachi, Hokkaido. The gyoza that was offered as a small ramen shop spread out in word of mouth as delicious, and now there are many fans all over the country! ! Please try outstanding dumplings not ever.

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Today as well as Mama

Today as well as Mama In case In case If I told you to take photos Try whitening ♡ I was told (* ^ ω ^ *) In case With dumplings and Camembert software We are waiting for you! !

# Introducing Ainori ice

# Introducing Ainori ice In case It is neither a cone nor a cup! In case In case For ice lovers Camembert software on the cup ice ☺️☺️☺ カ You can choose from 8 types of cup ice cream In case Ainori Ice Tax included 550 yen Camembert soft tax included 390 yen In case # Togoshi Ginza # Toshogoe Gyoza # Hoengei # Odexi Gyoza # Togoshi # Togoshi Park # Ice # Ice Cream # Soft Cream # Camembert Software Cream # Namara Camembert Premium Software

Grilled dumpling three remaining items 😆🌽

Grilled dumpling three remaining items 😆🌽 Although it is a popular item, it is increasingly popular since being introduced on TV In case You can also order from us ♡ # It is also recommended for gifts for Mother's Day! In case In case # Hama-chan # Hokkaido crab dumplings # sugar # corn # corn # dumpling # gyoza # gyoza # dumpling party @ soup dumpling gyoza's Hoei Togoshi Ginza store

We issued a coupon for LINE's friends only ♡

We issued a coupon for LINE's friends only ♡ Please read the QR code and get the toku information ☺ ️✨ This coupon, 100 yen off dumplings dumplings noodles Let's become friends right now! Is From here

Our shop has also arrived in addition ✨

Our shop has also arrived in addition ✨ In case Just baking in a frying pan and shaving salt and pepper, it is a delicious lambutan. In case In case It is soft but has a crunch and it becomes the best snack! In case In case Rare site which can take only about 150 g from one head In case To beer with lambutan Recommended for luxury house drinking (1 ˃̵ᴗ˂̵) # From Monday to Lamutan In case Lambton 150 g 880 yen (tax included) In case In case # Ram Tan # Negi's # # Beer's accompanying  # Home drink # Rare site # Snack # Otofuke dumplings # Ohyusu dumplings Hoenaga # Lam # Tan # Togoshi Ginza