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Warmth is felt The heart calm space! A studio spreading lava stones that forget to be in the city. Just entering a step will make you wrapped in a pleasant aroma scent and elegant music. A woman is healed by "five senses" and can feel energy of nature Energy Charge is a studio. Surprisingly enough, I sweat so I can get better metabolism and I can expect a nice effect on your skin as well as a diet. Even if the body is hard! ! Since we teach instructors with abundant knowledge carefully, please feel free to come and experience lesson.

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Hello everyone ♡

Hello everyone ♡ It has entered in July, but the temperature has not risen so much and summer is awaited (; _;) The other day, the popular hot exercise yoga workshop We held ✨✨ This time it was held at the first Kyodo Studio ♡ Everybody talks hard, but after the lesson It seems that there was quite a sense of accomplishment and a sense of cleanliness and I want to receive it again I received a voice saying that It is a lesson that seems to use a lot of core even if you look at the photo I understand Perfect for tightening 引 き It is a hot exercise, but it is well received, As we plan to hold WS in other studios in the future Everyone! Hi! Please join us Everyone who participated in this workshop Thank you very much ✨✨

Thank you for always seeing Lara Asya blog ブ ロ グ

Thank you for always seeing Lara Asya blog ブ ロ グ At the shop of Lara Asya Did you know that a new product perfect for yoga companions was released? In fact! ! A perfect new product before, during, and after yoga There are two First of all ★ Beauty Recovery Aid ★ Beauty and health support drink! ! Including topic proteoglycan and 2500mg of collagen Containing 21 kinds of beauty ingredients, it is full of ingredients that support skin firmness, elasticity, moisture, barrier function and daily beauty ♡ Mixed berry miso which taste is refreshing clearly and is easy to drink This is perfect for a lava yoga companion 供 This one 200 yen, one box 2700 yen (box buying is bargain!) We are selling at store in! ! Continue to click here ★ Fruity Oats Bar ★ Britain's first healthy snack bowl A snack bar with a blend of gluten-free oats and fruits Because it contains less sugar and more dietary fiber than the average fruit bar You can enjoy it with confidence even in the lava yoga language that will be absorbed ♡ This is Two kinds of orange chocolate taste and strawberry taste As we sell each 160 yen, By all means! ! Please see for your hand Well then! ! I will update it again Thank you for watching until the end ♡

Hello everyone ♡

Hello everyone ♡ It will rain or stop today, but would you like to spend it? It is news of WS ♡ ↓ The twist pose that I usually do casually. If correct alignment is performed with deep breathing, not only the muscles around the stomach will be squeezed, but the stimulation will be transmitted to the brain and a high detoxification effect can be obtained both physically and mentally! However, there are many who say that the lungs are compressed and it is difficult to breathe if you twist. It is actually a little difference in how to use the body. In this WS, you will learn the twist pose tips that you can not easily tell in class, practice more effective use of the body, and you can detox you both physically and mentally. In addition, this time, instructor Satoko will be tied up with Chia Seed 蒟 蒻 jelly, who will be an ambassador, and you will also perform intestinal activity from the viewpoint of “food” that has a close relationship with yoga. Comes with Chia Seed candy jelly for a delicious and healthy taste. Please try. ▼ Wakasho Co., Ltd. [Chia Seed Jelly] ▼ Details ▼ Date and time: July 20 (Sat) 18:00 to 19:30 (90 minutes) Location: Hiyoshi Studio Capacity: 18 people (female only) Property: ◯ water 1 l A set of lessons such as wear and changing clothes Price: 2000 yen ※ Please note that refunds due to customer convenience after purchase can not be made. Lecturer: Satoko teacher Hiyoshi Studio Regular == Notes == ・ We will send the confirmation email of the previous day to your registered email address (only for sending) Please check your address and email settings. ・ Detailed information will be posted in the notice for members only. ・ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the store or by phone. We look forward to your participation ♪ Lava Hot Yoga Studio Lara Asya

Hello everyone ♡

Hello everyone ♡ It has been a hot day lasting for two days and it feels like summer! ! Anxious heat stroke from now on, 💦 Heat stroke is to spend time in a hot and humid environment for a long time, and the body's water balance and salt balance gradually break down and the body temperature control function does not work well, resulting in the heat being absorbed in the body. Special care should be taken when the body is not used to heat, such as early summer or after the rainy season. The main symptoms of heatstroke include dizziness and lightheadedness, headache, fatigue, numbness of the hands and feet, and so on. The basis of heat stroke prevention is to perform frequent hydration. In particular, because you sweat a lot during the lesson, it is recommended that you wear well-ventilated, hygroscopic and quick-drying clothes. In addition, let's supplement water and salt with a small amount of oral rehydration fluid frequently before feeling it thirsty even outside of the lesson. If you sweat a lot, not only water but also salt and minerals are lost. Let's carry heat stroke with tablets and tablets containing salt to replenish not only water but also salt! Chi! No! Mi! To! The lava plate contains more than double the mineral content compared to the bedrock plate✨✨ Minerals can be taken from diets and supplements, but they tend to be lacking! ! Minerals released from lava are absorbed into the body from the lungs by breathing and from skin respiration 呼吸

Always everyone can see the Lala AashaBLOG Hello ♡

Always everyone can see the Lala AashaBLOG Hello ♡ It is completely rainy season mode fully open, How is everyone doing? Moth Have many customers gather last year, Beach yoga was very popular! I will hold this year at Hayama Isshiki Beach In the quiet waves, Famous for the power spot in front of your house Sunset beach yoga with a gavel nose Please enjoy yourself. ▼ Details ▼ Date: July 7 (Sun) 17: 00-18: 30 (90 minutes) Place: Hayama Isshiki Coast Kosuge's nose Belongings: ・ Yoga mat (Towel or leisure seat is also acceptable) ·Water ·Face towel ・ Tanning measures Participation fee: uniform 2000 yen Lecturer: MAI teacher == Lala Aasha Instructor Training Course Trainer = = ※ Child of junior high student and under is free ヨ ガ Let's do yoga with parent and child! ※ We will contact you in advance. ※ It will be canceled when it rains. If bad weather is expected, we will contact you by the evening of the day before. ※ The day before the contact will be a member-only page and email delivery. (If you can not email please check the membership page.) ※ Anyone can participate. Your friends, your family, and you alone are also welcome. If you are new to yoga, please feel free to join us. 詳 し く For more information ↓ We look forward to your participation ♪ Lava Hot Yoga Studio Lara Asya