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Warmth is felt The heart calm space! A studio spreading lava stones that forget to be in the city. Just entering a step will make you wrapped in a pleasant aroma scent and elegant music. A woman is healed by "five senses" and can feel energy of nature Energy Charge is a studio. Surprisingly enough, I sweat so I can get better metabolism and I can expect a nice effect on your skin as well as a diet. Even if the body is hard! ! Since we teach instructors with abundant knowledge carefully, please feel free to come and experience lesson.

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Always Lala Aasha Hello everyone can see the blog ♡

Always Lala Aasha Hello everyone can see the blog ♡ The other day [New lesson wheel yoga workshop] We held ♡♡♡ At first it seemed that there was a difficulty with everyone's first wheel, but it seems that I was able to extend my body while taking a steady balance. I want a wheel after the lesson ♡ The voice also said I am happy to have fun Thank you everyone who participated! ! By all means! We look forward to your participation in the next WS! !

Hello everyone ❤

Hello everyone ❤ The world is 10 consecutive holidays How is everyone doing? Worried about May disease after 10 consecutive holidays, Are you in such a person? Therefore, this Lara column is [Farewell to May disease] There are various environmental changes in early spring, and it is time to start a new life. Everybody, both physically and mentally, feels various kinds of stress when putting himself in a new environment. If you try too hard to apply it to a new environment, your mind and body will be upset in about a month. The physical and mental disorder that appears in these days is called May disease. ! ! As measures against May disease, take a proper rest, take a good sleep, take a well-balanced diet regularly, find a taste that suits you, and perform a moderate exercise to recover your mental and physical fatigue. It is important to keep in mind ❤❤ Yoga, which moves the body with breathing It is said that breathing has a great effect on the function of autonomic nerves and stress relief. Because abdominal breathing done by yoga has a function to dominate the parasympathetic nerve, it is easier to get good quality sleep by going before going to bed. Get proper exercise, good sleep time by doing yoga, and let's prevent and prevent May disease! ★ lava point ★ Because lava yoga can be expected to have a very high thermal effect, You can warm your body carefully from the core. Detoxification can also be expected, as metabolism can be promoted. It is possible to discharge fatigue substances and waste products from the body, so you can get a clean body and wipe off the hard-to-get fatigue. In everyone GW, GW open come to Lara Asya by all means Let's take care of May disease We will update again ✨✨

Thank you for always seeing Lara Asya BLOG ♡

Thank you for always seeing Lara Asya BLOG ♡ It will be the first day in the daytime studio in the other day [-~ Also become clean from the inside of the body-food education yoga] It was very popular and it was held full-sized ... Thank you very much everyone who participated Conduct a lecture in the first half while watching the materials, In the second half of the lesson at Yoga lesson everyone had carefully noted it! ! Review your daily diet referring to what you have taught! People who said that Everyone has a very nice smile Next WS is Wheel Yoga✨✨ There is still space, so please! We look forward to your participation (^ ^) Then I will update again ✨✨

Good evening everyone

Good evening everyone Thank you for always seeing BLOG of Lara Asha ♪ Workshops held monthly by Lala Aasha, a lava hot yoga studio For the first time in May ,, 【NEW Lesson ~ Wheel Yoga WS ~】 We will hold it! ! ! First of all With Wheel Yoga! ? A yoga wheel is yoga that is performed using a round ring of training equipment designed to make the spine flexible. Modern people are forced to live on the back of the body is hard, so it has been discussed that the relaxation effect is high including yoga beginners. The circular shape of the yoga wheel props makes it possible to perform yoga postures that are usually not good (especially back flexion) and improve the physical condition such as stiff shoulders and back pain. Why don't you try yoga using the popular wheel! As it will be held in the room temperature lesson, you can go with confidence. Please enjoy the latest fitness yoga! ▼ Details ▼ Date: April 30 (Tue) 11:30-13:00 (90 minutes) Place: Ikebukuro normal temperature studio Belongings: More than 1 liter of water ◯ Yoga wear such as lesson set Participation fee: uniform 2000 yen Lecturer: Mr. Chii == Tsunashima / Academia / Center North Studio Regular = = Capacity: 12 people (female only) We look forward to your participation ♪ Lava Hot Yoga Studio Lara Asya

Thank you for always seeing BLOG ♡

Thank you for always seeing BLOG ♡ The temperature has risen recently, and warm days have continued here recently How are you all spending (^ ^)? We hold various workshops every month at LalaAasha. ・ ☆ ☆ ・ * :. .... .: * ゚ ゚: * * :. .... .: * · ☆ ☆ ・ · This BLOG is ✨✨April Workshop Information✨✨ ・ ☆ ☆ ・ * :. .... .: * ゚ ゚: * * :. .... .: * · ☆ ☆ ・ · Application accepted! ! ※ For all studio members ――――――――――― Schedule ――――――――――― ★ Nakano Studio ★ [-~ Also become clean from the inside of the body-food education yoga] Content: What you eat, the human body is made. I understand that I am busy today, The chances of choosing something easy and the nutrition tend to be biased. Check your constitution from the perspective of Ayurveda and Whole Food, And learn what to do with what I hope you find something that suits you. Yoga does not just move the body. Take yoga into your lifestyle and let it be clean from the inside out ▼ Details ▼ Date: April 21 (Sun) 20:00 to 21:30 (90 minutes) Place: Nakano Studio Belongings: More than 1 liter of water ◯ Yoga wear such as lesson set Participation fee: uniform 2000 yen Lecturer: Asami teacher == Hiyoshi / Tsunashima / Kichijoji / Nakano Studio Regular = = ※ Please note that refunds due to customer convenience after purchase can not be made. ▼ △ Food Education Yoga dedicated official site △ ▼ ┏ ━ ━ ━ ┃ ◆ ◆ ◆ About the application ◆ ◆ ◆ ┃ ┗ ━ ━ ━ I would like application at store or online shop. ▼ Application from Online Shop ▼ (Credit card payment is possible for application at online shop) --- --- --- --- --- ※ Because it becomes prepayment system, please pay in advance. ※ Please note that cancellation / refund after application is not possible. ◆ Lara Asya's Workshop ◆ We hold workshops and events of various themes. Apart from regular lessons, you can spend special time further deepening yoga & beauty ♪ We are waiting for your reservation! Because all people can participate Your family and friends are welcome together ♪