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Footsteps Togoshi Ginza

Shinagawa Togoshi 2-6-5
Regular Holiday
Every other Tuesday and every Wednesday
Insoles and shoes shop
Main products
Shoes, insoles, supplements, supporters
"Athlete is a shop specializing in custom made insoles and shoes. It opened in Machida City, Tokyo in 2008 as a" shop that proposes health from the foot ". For the joy of life "to be able to keep walking well until the end", for that purpose, we will propose "measures" and "prevention" to keep walking and "cancellation" of those who are hurting shoes and feet that do not fit. I think that is a mission. At the Togoshi Ginza store, we hold intimate experience sessions from time to time. Feel free to visit us, we look forward to your inquiries. "

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Ashikaga-Ashidoraku shared a link.

Ashikaga-Ashidoraku shared a link.

This is Ashikaga Rakubashi main branch

This is Ashikaga Rakubashi main branch It is a video of Staff Hida-kun's whole body (lol) Please have a look!

Hello (° ∀ °) People (° ∀ °)

Hello (° ∀ °) People (° ∀ °) Today is the day of shoes (゚ д ゚)! Tsutsujigaoka store Hirano (* ´ ・ ω ・) Secret tool for foot pain and trouble (* ´ 艸 `) Oh ~ Da ~ Made Insole ~ Le ~ Because it is assumed to move The effect is preeminent \ (^ _ ^) / When combining shoes and insoles Synergistic effects will make you feel better (* ゚ ∀ ゚) = 3 We are doing well today (* ´ ・ ω ・) #Insole #Insole #Insole #Custom insole #Custom insole #Walking #Running #Choose the right shoe #Foot and shoe specialty store # Secret tool # Doraemon # The effect is excellent # Shoe day # Synergy # Superfeet # Chofu # Fuda # Shibasaki # Tsutsujigaoka # Sengawa

Ashikaga-Ashidoraku shared a link.

Ashikaga-Ashidoraku shared a link.

Thanks to everyone, the trekking Sagami Ono store

Thanks to everyone, the trekking Sagami Ono store We were able to celebrate the first anniversary this month ㊗️🎉㊗️ For sports, students, From children to grandparents Let me see the legs of various people, 😀 which made insole So that you can get better I will continue to do my best 💪 Thank you in the future 🙇 By the way, today, September 2 Did you know Kutsu's Day? A shark that can make bean and fish eyes My shoes hurt when I wear these shoes Those people once reviewed their shoes Let's see In footwear, shoes that fit your foot I'm also consulting Ashikaga Sagami Ono Maejima #Football Sagami Ono #Football #Insole #insole #Custom made insole #Custom insole #walking #running #Choose the right shoes #Foot and shoe specialty store #If you have trouble with your feet #Sagami Ono #Sagamihara City # Hallux valgus #Backache #O leg #Heel pain #Plantar fasciitis #Flat feet #octopus #Bean #Fish eyes #Super feet #Buttral #Isetan Sagamihara #Parkside Street #Spine canal stenosis @ Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa, Japan