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Milkman of Togoshiginza

Shinagawa rich-cho 1-4-11
Regular Holiday
Sale of food products with a focus on dairy products. Mainly home delivery.
Main products
Milk, yogurt, liquor Togoshiginza, Togoshiginza brand
The topic of the Meiji R-1 yogurt, we are also home delivery in the area adjacent to the vitality and the like around the Shinagawa in Meiji milk is one day's worth of calcium and iron in one it is feeding. Togoshiginza brand of your liquor, We will be selling other products in our shop.

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Tomorrow Togoshiginza Festival!

Tomorrow Togoshiginza Festival! Also it does dice game this year 🎲 Please come to play!

August 5 (Saturday) at 8 pm from 5:00.

August 5 (Saturday) at 8 pm from 5:00. It will be held in the "Andon Festival" silver Mutsuai zone. Twilight of summer, I think that it is very beautiful. Please come by all means.

This week 22 Saturday

This week 22 Saturday Make than 13 o'clock at health support pharmacy (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare standards conformity) salad pharmacy's and Toyomachi chome Hall the "health support Fair" together. Pharmacist's commentary the measurement result, we will carry out health consultation. Participation costs are a free No ...

It is hot.

It is hot. Milk in the summer heat prevention! R1 yogurt! We cold! There is beer 🍺 also.

It is Tanabata.

It is Tanabata. I wish you like to come true. There strip. Please come and come to wish writing. It is today the last day with the "Togoshiginza big thank SALE 2017 summer of summer".