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solco (Solco)

Shinagawa rich-cho 1-3-13
Regular Holiday
Tuesday, from time to time leave Yes
Food retail
Main products
Salt, rice balls, drinks,
It is a shop where you can enjoy a rice ball and salt Suites using a safe and secure food with domestic and foreign unique salt more than 40. Please come to discover the salt of their preferences in their own tongue.

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News of WEB article publication ♪

News of WEB article publication ♪ Togoshi Ginza shopping street is introduced on OZ Magazine's information site "OZmall". Since solco is also posted with fellow shops, please have a look!

July solco gallery vol.20 is a spice bottle bowl that is now designed with a boom salt face

July solco gallery vol.20 is a spice bottle bowl that is now designed with a boom salt face We introduced interesting thing from glass shop "Okawa glass industrial factory" of Sumida more than founding 100 years that we have been communicating for a while for a while! Industry-academia collaboration with Okawa Glass Industry Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Designer Gakuin (TDG) Graphic Design Department, which started in 2016. Every new product is born every year based on students' ideas and designs. Meanwhile, "salt face bottle" was born this year. Focusing on the opinion in the survey conducted by the students, "There are bottles with interesting shapes, but there are few bottles with visual design elements" It was created with the theme of "a bottle that laughs". Now it's a salty face boom! ? Put salt in a bottle with various salt faces, Every morning, you can stare at the salt faces while putting on a fried egg, Why don't you start such a fun day! To you of salt face. For you who like salt face. Of course neither is you! Please take a look at it. Buy only salt at solco and put it in a salt face bottle! Sarasara's beige "004 Walnut flower salt" and pink rock salt "404 Andes red salt" seem to be easy to use- Pre-sold at solco earlier this time than anywhere! solco gallery vol.20 salt face bottle For you of salt face, for you who like salt face Date and time: July 13 (Sat)-July 28 (Sun), 2019 12:00-18:00 Place: in solco store Every Tuesday, the first Monday closed Tokyo Designer's Academy Okawa Glass Industry

News announcement of magazine publication

News announcement of magazine publication At the end of the volume of bridal magazine “ELLE MARIAGE” No. 35 released on 6/22, a set for gift of solco was introduced! 3 878 / ellemariage-19-0622 / This article is so small that you could not find it by yourself, but please be healed because it is full of happy content.

solco online store 500 yen OFF campaign now ♬ Until June 24!

solco online store 500 yen OFF campaign now ♬ Until June 24! If you purchase PayPal over 2,500 yen on the mail order site, you will receive a 500 yen discount (separate shipping cost). PayPal payment can be selected from credit card (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Discover), international brand debit card, bank transfer (Mizuho, ​​Sumitomo Mitsui, Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan Post, Resona, Saitama Resona). Bank transfer is free of transfer fee. Choose PayPal when choosing a payment method. You can also register after making an account on the spot. Until June 24th. At this opportunity, please shop for a great deal! ※ Please refer to the following about PayPal.

News of article publication ♪

News of article publication ♪ Solco was featured in Yahoo! Life Magazine! In the neighborhood's lighter, the saltwater salt of 204 Jeollanamdo is a favorite with a crisp texture of cube type!