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solco (Solco)

Shinagawa rich-cho 1-3-13
Regular Holiday
Tuesday, from time to time leave Yes
Food retail
Main products
Salt, rice balls, drinks,
It is a shop where you can enjoy a rice ball and salt Suites using a safe and secure food with domestic and foreign unique salt more than 40. Please come to discover the salt of their preferences in their own tongue.

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The first solco gallery vol.14 this year is from January 12 (Saturday)! ! !

The first solco gallery vol.14 this year is from January 12 (Saturday)! ! ! The solco gallery in January is a potter, Hikari Shimamura, a potter living in Togoshi Ginza who participated from the 1st togoshi Yasumaru Marche started in 2017! ! ! Animal patterns and flower patterns are cute but there are gentleness, dishes that give nagga to the table are the emergence of dishes! ! Serve salt, put on a snack, put in small articles. Enjoy the collaboration of animals and things on board, such as placing the cat as if you are touching salt. I am also pleased with gifts with solco salt. Beyond solco, she had an atelier called Picastadio at Mitsutsugidori, which is just a stone from the Togoshi Ginza shopping street. Now I am a creator who knows who is a creative actor at home near a shopping street, exhibiting at various events and opening a solo exhibition! Please take it in your hands ~ solco Gallery vol.14 ~ Small thing of shimamura hikari ~ Date and time: Saturday, January 12, 2019 - Sunday January 27 (Sunday) 11: 00-19: 00 Location: in the solco shop Closed on Tuesdays

Notice of publication of magazines ♬

Notice of publication of magazines ♬ solco is open from January 5, but since this year we will be closed on the first Monday, so yesterday, it was a continuous holiday. We apologize for the inconvenience. Well, today released on January 9, magazine magazine "Fine 2nd Month" ending series "Bicycle and fashionable city cruise! Vol.17" Solco also glanced carefully along with Togoshi's fellow shops! Thank you again this year.  - Products being displayed: 704 Sasa no Izumi Niigata Kumazasa, 703 Salt / Curry Salt of Seishinzugi Original Curry Salt, 200 Bali Sunay Salt Big Size

Chocolate salt cookie on sale ~

Chocolate salt cookie on sale ~ I always sell chocolate version of salt cookie which I make only for Christmas and valentine, from today! Please refrain from buying large quantities as the number is limited. . . . # Salt # solco # salt cookie # salt sweet # chocolate cookie # christmas  - Displayed products: 206 Camargue · Cell · fan France Camargue, 802 Crystal Flake Salt Black Cyprus Charcoal, 602 Salt of Salt Lake Uyuni, Bolivia Uyuni, 400 Himalaya Black Salt Tibet Black salt

solco 4th anniversary ♬

solco 4th anniversary ♬ Thanks to you today, on December 10th today, solco has become 4th anniversary of opening! This year, I have kept pace with online shop, togoship activities, shopping street activities that began last year, and it was the year of consolidation. I hope next year we will be able to do another new initiative. Thank you for your continued patronage of solco. I'm home now, solco shop inside is Christmas color one! There are more people coming to shopping for gifts! Please come and visit us.

Notice of opening of the year-end and new year from 2018 to 2019 ♪

Notice of opening of the year-end and new year from 2018 to 2019 ♪ At the end of 2018, we will open until Friday, December 28. We will open from the beginning of 2019 on Saturday, January 5. Online store We also accept orders during the New Year and New Year, Please note that delivery work will be closed from Saturday, December 29th to January 4th (Friday) as well as shop front.   We will ship orders that have been paid by 15 o'clock on Friday, December 28 (Fri) on 28th (except for large orders). We will ship your order after January 5 (Saturday) after that. Also, from 2019, regular holiday will be added on Tuesday and the first Monday will be added. (Open for business on holiday) We apologize for any inconvenience but we appreciate your continued patronage of solco.