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Please be aware that the point of contact will differ based on the nature of your inquiry. We also request that all mails be written in Japanese so that more storekeepers can understand their contents.

Inquiries Concerning the Website / Shopping District in General

* We have put together a list of answers to general inquiries in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below. Please read this section before making an inquiry.

Inquiries Concerning Mass Media Coverage

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Inquiries Concerning Inspection Training / Lectures

* New applications for Togoshi Ginza Shopping District inspection training are currently closed. Please be aware that we will not be able to accept any applications at this time.

Inquiries Concerning the Gin-chan Product Theater

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are reserved for shopping only (traffic limitation times)?
Monday to Saturday 3:00PM–6:00PM, Sunday / Holidays 2:00PM–7:00PM
Are there any regular closings?
The shopping district itself has no set regular closings but many individual shops within the district have regular closings on Tuesday or Sunday.
Is the shopping district open during Obon and the year-end holidays?
The shopping district itself has no set days of operation. However, many shops within the district are closed during these times. For more information concerning individual closings, please contact the shops directly.
Is it possible to go to the shopping district in a motor coach?
There is no parking lot in the area with spaces for motor coaches. We advise guests coming in motor coaches to park along National Route 1, which intersects with the shopping district, or Auxiliary Route 26, which runs parallel to the shopping district.
How do I participate in the flea market?
We have temporarily ceased operations of the flea market that was being held once each month. However, we may take applications for specific events. Please see the Togoshi Ginza website for more information.