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Sakanakei (Akebono Fisheries Co., Ltd.)

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-18
Regular Holiday
Sunday and holidays
Fresh fish sales
Main products
Sashimi, fresh fish ,,
Founded 1933. Annual sashimi buffet on Saturday, has been featured in TV and magazines and the like. Is the specialty of Togoshiginza. Every Saturday 13:00 to start! Cards accepted. Our products, we have space to eat.

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For people in the typhoon Nakazawa

For people in the typhoon Nakazawa Thank you for visiting Thank you very much. Today's business I will. Please come again. It was Uokei of Togoshi Ginza. (^-^) / ~

Today for a typhoon

Today for a typhoon This is my first attempt Order-style sashimi buffet We are holding! The goods are also less than usual Cut it on the spot I will hand it over. (I need some time)

Always visit

Always visit Thank you very much. Notice of business hours change. Today's Saturday It is sashimi buffet For a large typhoon Business hours from 10:30 I will do it by around 14:00. Depending on the situation Also changed ...

long time no see.

long time no see. A cat I know I ran away If you see If you could teach me, it'll helps a lot. Thanking you in advance. Gyokei

Hello (^ o ^)

Hello (^ o ^) It's been a long time It is a news suddenly. Today, for convenience It will be closed at 18:30. Sorry to say myself Thank you. It was Uokei of Togoshi Ginza (^-^) / ~