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Sakanakei (Akebono Fisheries Co., Ltd.)

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-18
Regular Holiday
Sunday and holidays
Fresh fish sales
Main products
Sashimi, fresh fish ,,
Founded 1933. Annual sashimi buffet on Saturday, has been featured in TV and magazines and the like. Is the specialty of Togoshiginza. Every Saturday 13:00 to start! Cards accepted. Our products, we have space to eat.

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Hello (^ o ^)

Hello (^ o ^) Long time no see This is a sudden notice. Today, for convenience It will close at 18:30. I'm sorry to say nothing Thank you. (^-^) / ~ Which was Tokei of Togoshi Ginza

Hello (^ o ^)

Hello (^ o ^) The first sashimi buffet Now being held ️ The weather is nice so take a walk Please visit us by all means. Togoshi from Togoshi Ginza. (^-^) / ~

Hello o (^ o ^) o

Hello o (^ o ^) o It was nice and sunny Today's bargain arrival information. Sprout of bonito from Mie Prefecture Very good 良 い️ I'm riding on the fat ~ (^ o ^) Limited quantity as soon as possible. Notice Today at 19:00 Closed ...

It ’s been a long time.

It ’s been a long time. It ’s hard to get information on special sales due to lack of manpower. I'm sorry I can't tell you. Today's bargain information. The fall of raw tuna from Choshi It's a bargain! ️ Please come to the store. We are looking for part-time workers. Togoshi from Togoshi Ginza. (^-^) / ~

Hello ☺️

Hello ☺️ though being late Today's bargain arrival information. First arrival bag today Seco Crab from Hyogo restocked. Snow crab female. For a limited time only! ️ Please come to the store. It was Togoshi from Togoshi Ginza (^-^) ...