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Health and Beauty

tenOZ (Ten'onsu)

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-21
Regular Holiday
Tuesday, the second third Wednesday
Beauty salons
Main products
Perm, color, cut, dressing
From children to the elderly to five, it is a beauty salon that you can comfortably visit us.

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December holidays

December holidays December 12 (Tuesday) 13 days (water)         19 (Tuesday) 20 days (water) is a long weekend.

November holidays

November holidays November 7 (Tuesday) 8 days (water)         14 (Tuesday) 15 days (water) is a long weekend.

Yesterday to Shonan after a long time

Yesterday to Shonan after a long time Kugenumakaigan is extremly destroyed under the influence of typhoon No. 21 Net of iron of Paul, there was broken and in the sea. Of course Paul, but we've raised to shore, This typhoon is really amazing power! Always we are playing in the sea, but the forces of nature  It does not come true in human beings !! The natural, really thank.

October holidays

October holidays October 10 (Tuesday) 11 days (water)         17 (Tuesday) 18 days (water) is a long weekend.

September long weekend

September long weekend September 12 (Tuesday) 13 days (water)         19 (Tue) 20 (water) is a long weekend. Photos, Chiba Prefecture Asahi City, went to the captain's house at night to the summer vacation Iioka