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Health and Beauty

tenOZ (Ten'onsu)

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-21
Regular Holiday
Tuesday, the second third Wednesday
Beauty salons
Main products
Perm, color, cut, dressing
From children to the elderly to five, it is a beauty salon that you can comfortably visit us.

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September holidays

September holidays September 11 (Tue) 12 (Wed) 18th (Tuesday) 19th (Wednesday) is a continuous holiday. This typhoon No. 21 was amazing This is not the case yet though,

Notice of August consecutive holidays and summer vacation

Notice of August consecutive holidays and summer vacation August 7 (Tue) 8 (Wednesday) is a continuous holiday. We will be summer vacation from Monday, August 13 to Friday the 17th.

July consecutive holidays

July consecutive holidays July 10 (Tue) 11 (Wed) It is continuous holiday on Wednesday 17th (Wednesday) 18th (Wednesday) At the Togoshi Ginza Federation, July 14 (Sat) from 19:00 to 20:50 Turn off the lights in the city and local elementary school nursery school town association each With lots of cooperation we will have 1000 lanterns to Togoshi Ginza street Line up by 1.3 km. This holidays tour lasted nine years at Togoshi Ginza Shokai Kai It is a taste of Togoshi Ginza. We will have it in the Togoshi Ginza Federation from this year with the 10th anniversary. It may be a thing that only Togoshi Ginza can do. Everyone please wear a yukata and go to cool.

June holidays

June holidays June 12 (Tue) 13 (Wed)        19th (Tue) 20th (Wednesday) is a continuous holiday.

A consecutive holiday in May

A consecutive holiday in May May 8 (Tue) 9 (Wed)      15th (Tuesday) 16th (Wednesday) is a continuous holiday. The sea of ​​the head of Golden week is full of people who play in the ocean with sea bream.