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Health and Beauty

Hokule'a (Hokule'a)

Shinagawa rich-cho 1-7-4
Regular Holiday
Beginning of the year
Beauty salons
Main products
John master organic, Armada M3.5, Esuteshimo,
It is a beauty salon Hokule'a of Togoshiginza. Handling the natural origin of the products, such as John master organic, it also focuses on relaxation menu, such as Head Spa. We will wait for your visit of everyone.

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Teacher training

Teacher training Tomorrow, both the head office will take a break m (__) m

Good morning!

Good morning! Yesterday we all had a study group And then afterwards it is also an exchange party like drinking. I was able to speak with various people via alcohol and became stimulating! After that, everyone at Hokurea drink and eat it ~ I really like drinking I felt it again

Good morning.

Good morning. It gets cold day by day as cold weather renewal every day. It seems that the maximum temperature is 10 ° C. If it gets cold, delicious food will increase, but I guess it is unavoidable ~ I will do my best day to day with a solid physical condition management!

It's Onodera

It's Onodera It seems pretty cold from tomorrow! A This winter is a reversible scarf to surpass the cold! But I do not want to be cold ~ The pattern is cute, after all it suffered and bought ~ # Urban Research Doors # urbanresearchdoors # I was worried # Acrylic # I'm glad from pretty # Togoshi # Togoshi Ginza # Togoshi Ginza Shopping Area # Beauty salon