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Lifestyle grocery store Makumuku Isashi

Shinagawa yutaka-cho 1-4-12
Regular Holiday
Sundries of living
Main products
Instruments of artists, kitchen utensils of handicrafts, a little snack
Taking advantage of natural materials such as earth, stone, and vegetation, collecting various kinds of daily living products that make life everyday happy and rich, mainly handworking instruments and kitchen utensils produced carefully by one's hands It was.

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2019.8.17 News of onlineshop update

2019.8.17 News of onlineshop update The Some of the containers and tools being introduced at the store Updated to onlineshop. The The * Made with natural raw materials and labor Shigeru Inoue's powder and Mishima's dishes and bowls The * Simple and familiar with the table It kiln (Naoko Wakabayashi) soy saucer and lid The Take a walk in the Togoshi Ginza shopping street on weekends Please drop in at Mokumokushi. The #Enjoy life #Handwork #Usawa #Tool #Shigeru Inoue #It kiln #Naoko Wakabayashi #mokumokuishi #Mokumokushi #onlineshop

2019.8.16 Notification of arrival

2019.8.16 Notification of arrival The Kazumoto Mizutani from Kumamoto @ mizkaz__ A variety of containers have arrived. The The In addition to re-arrival wheel flower dishes, mugs and deformed dishes A new chopstick rest and cup of cups Lined with soup bowls with ears. The The Mizutani-san's container Use Amakusa porcelain earth, which is also used for Arita ware. The crystal clearness and adorable shape are popular. The The Porcelain is hard to get dirty because it does not pass water Because it is hard and difficult to chip, it is easy to handle. The The Please check it out for your hands ☺︎ The #Enjoy life #Handiwork #Writer #Vessel #Mazuya Mizutani #Porcelain #mokumokuishi #Mokumokushi #Togoshi Ginza @ Living general store Mokumokushi

2019.8.12 Notification of arrival

2019.8.12 Notification of arrival The Lotus flower by @ hasu611 Refreshing color dry swag and Hydrangea is in stock. The The Small size swag Entrance, washroom, stairs, etc. Easy to decorate in small spaces It is also popular for gifts with cute packages ◎ The Please check it out for your hands ☺︎ The Today, the shops in the shopping street are also close to the Bon holiday. The The eel shop across the street is also lonely, but ... Mokumokuishi is a holiday other than the 13th (Tuesday)-14th (Wednesday) holiday We are open and open-come and visit ☼ The #Enjoy Life #Handiwork #Writer #Vessel #Tool #Plant #Dried Flower #Swag #Lotusflower #mokumokuishi #Mokumokushi #Togoshi Ginza @Lifestyle General Store

2019.08.10 Thank you for the summer holidays

2019.08.10 Thank you for the summer holidays The It is open today from 13:00. The The A 5-day family trip Eat a lot of delicious things Weight up as expected ⤴︎ The With a more rounded face We look forward to your visit 店 ︎ The * Customers using onlineshop, Customers who contact us, Since we will respond sequentially Please wait for a while. The The #Enjoy life #Hand work #Usawa #Tool #Writer #Mokumokushi #mokumokuishi #Togoshi Ginza #Tokyo #Summer vacation #Hideo Hatanaka #Castilla cookies #Hokkaido @ Living general store Mokumokui

2019.08.05 Notice of summer holidays

2019.08.05 Notice of summer holidays The From 8/5 (Monday) to 8/9 (Friday) today Have a summer vacation. The The 8/10 (Sat) is open from 13:00. The Sorry for the inconvenience Thank you ☺︎ The Eat something delicious I will refresh ~ ✈︎ The #Enjoy life #Handiwork #Utsuwa #Tool #Writer #Mokumokushi #mokumokuishi #Togoshi Ginza #Tokyo #Summer vacation #Logo shadow