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Sakanakaikushi baked great circle

❗ which began Japan drinkers than set

❗ which began Japan drinkers than set It is recommended for those who want to drink Arekore ❗

Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

[Congratulation! First Anniversary Thanks to you (^ - ^) /]

[Congratulation! First Anniversary Thanks to you (^ - ^) /] Hello! What today, Sakai antenna shop, is open the first anniversary (^ - ^) / Steadily also was able to welcome today, including everyone of Shinagawa-Togoshiginza shopping street, you live in the metropolitan area everyone, everyone us carrying a foot in the tourism or work and above all of you of the local Sakai City, Thanks. Sincerely I would like to thank m (__) m Yesterday, prepare a bouquet of celebration while staff also modest. If you say that taking pictures, gave me side by side each to get a lot of things (^^; Most of the elements this brightness, the goodness of the atmosphere, which Kizuke all of you and good relationship Togoshiginza shopping street. I think I'm staff = a Sakai City (^ - ^) Sakai antenna shop, I but small is the store, various topics as PR base of these or even Sakai City, will continue to disseminate information (^ - ^) v Everyone, continue to thank you! So, immediately one, is good news. To "Togoshiginza Festival" that takes place in this month 27 days (day), summer tradition "flow band of town" of Sakai Mikuni will first participation (^ - ^) Inherited from before 250 years to Mikuniminato in accordance with the "MikuniTakashi", it sinks moist gracefully dance the evening of Togoshiginza shopping street. To this day, shamisen and flute from the local-Mikunicho, rushed the dancers and his friends, proudly showing off the authentic atmosphere! This is also planning antenna shop opening is realized in the opportunity. People near you are ♪ I please come to see us "Mikuni sink town of Minatotai" of Togoshiginza festival. Sakai antenna shop before, 27 (Sunday) is the 17 o'clock start (^ - ^) /

FREETEL SHOP Togoshiginza shop

Good morning!

Good morning! We continue to hold events in yesterday 🎉 By the way, August 27, is the holding of [Togoshiginza festival]! ! ! # Furiteru # Togoshiginza # events

Hokule'a (Hokule'a)

It is Onodera!

It is Onodera! It was fun to the customer and baseball story of women today ⚾️ The only goods, calendar and piggy bank! # Entered the was in the home # seasoned # piggy bank # Yomiuri Giants Giabbit kun # month # Kamei's # Giants # Togoshi # Togoshiginza # Togoshiginza shopping mall # Beauty salons

solco (Solco)

Guidance ♬ from solco

Guidance ♬ from solco solco of salt bottle is making Labels stuffed with salt to bottle themselves. Since quite not make a large amount, it can not respond to the large amount of orders, does not have can also mail order. Desire Kana me this time, people of welfare is now possible to us in response. Moreover Shinagawa, is a stone's throw and solco. They have me stuffed with salt painstakingly seriously fun. Such folding, the aim of truancy zero, without putting a special needs class, what kind of children also means that the Osaka elementary school of documentary films that are accepted will be screened in Togoshi, we are allowed to only a little help of the Secretary-how you. Togoshiginza shopping street with solco also co-sponsored. At 2017 October 22, 15 to, it is free of charge. In advance because the application is required, either by clicking the "ticket information" of the event page, please from the home page solco is not a bamboo to convey the salt, in a favorite place called Togoshi, will continue to be the activities of the city touching the people.

Okawa Chiropractic Center Togoshi Ginza Institute

8/27 (Sun) 18 o'clock 11, "the 20th Togoshiginza Festival" will be held.

8/27 (Sun) 18 o'clock 11, "the 20th Togoshiginza Festival" will be held. Event lots. Please by all means come to play. Kikuchan is fried noodles in charge. Please over voice!

Seo shopping

Well, good smell of printing!

Well, good smell of printing! Newly created Seo flyer has been completed today. Sofa and shelves, such as a table, but you free business trip purchase is content that Yohn, Electric drill was also the start of rental, I feel that. Please feel free to use ☺︎🛠 # Seo shopping # Togoshiginza # Shinagawa # Ota # Meguro-ku # buy # furniture # thrift # Osaki # Musashi Koyama # Meguro # Gotanda # Nishikoyama

henteco ~ pastry shop in the forest

Our recipe book is now on sale.

Our recipe book is now on sale. Why not try to practice in the summer vacation? cute - handmade animal cookies -henteco- forest of pastry shop -? Ayako Usuda / dp / 4418143173 / ref = sr_1_1 ie = UTF8 & qid = 1502683073 & sr = 8-1 & keywords = henteco

Shop of stationery · OA supply [M · A · C]

We are open today!

We are open today! # How to greeting of summer - # Togoshiginza # stationery store # Summer postcard

tenOZ (Ten'onsu)

August 14 (Mon) to 18 (Fri.)

August 14 (Mon) to 18 (Fri.) I will consider it as a summer vacation.