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Maroma (Emuaroma)

✧ We updated the blog ✧ http: //

✧ We updated the blog ✧ http: //

Ai Rashurizoto Kakarata 戸 越 Ginza Store

Ophthalmology Supervision Eyelash Extension Specialty Store Eyelash Resort Kahala [Togoshi Ginza Store] Blog "About Introduction [Kahala Togoshi Ginza Store]"

Hello. It is Irish Resort Kahala Togoshi Ginza store. Thank you for seeing the blog. Discount to our customers who introduced our shop to our friends ...


October 27 (Saturday) Halloween Horoscope 2018 held! # Togoshi from # # Halloween # Taking a nest

October 27 (Saturday) Halloween Horoscope 2018 held! # Togoshi from # # Halloween # Taking a nest

Honenaga of Odori Gyoso


. Shinobu the skewers even today It was delicious. Everything was delicious, One day It's Hatsumoto! ! Thank you for the meal # Togoshi Ginza # Grilled chicken # skewers

Shop of stationery · OA supply [M · A · C]

# Halloween # Fay Spainting # ASOBody # Aso body # Easily drop by water # Togoshi Ginza # Stationery store 4 D 03

# Halloween # Fay Spainting # ASOBody # Aso body # Easily drop by water # Togoshi Ginza # Stationery store 4 D 03

solco (Solco)

Happy Birthday Halloween 2018 has begun ♪

Happy Birthday Halloween 2018 has begun ♪ This year too, solco is in charge of Halloween event planning organized by Togoshi Ginza shopping street! Production will be on October 27 (Saturday) and you can get goods only for pre-registered children, A free event that anyone can join from Friday, 12th (Friday! "Has begun! Until the 27th of the production. When searching for costumed stuffed dolls silver who is hiding in the shopping street, write answers and submit it, the mental costumer will win a lottery! Mainly responsible for the project was Children's Clothing Tanton Tan Eiri! Mr. Inada who baked confectionery CASHIKUu who has taken care of even in solco and togoship who did disguise! Doll Production: monqueque (Monk) Inada Hayasayo (residing in Togoshi) and Fusako Shirasawa Event flyer, poster design, Seo Shoten Mariko, the event created by everyone in the shopping area Please join us ~

Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

Good evening dear

Good evening dear With good weather, "Fukui Happy Energetic Tournament" is being held today from today. The opening day ceremony was held at the 9.98 stadium on the first day today, and the crown prince was attended. Also in Sakai City, during October 13 (Saturday) - 15 (Mon), Football Sports at Maruoka Sportsland and Flying Disc Sports at Mikuni Sports Park Athletic Stadium are being held. Today, at the flying disc competition, the athlete from Sakai city worked hard (^ ^) ♪ A flying disc is a competition that aims at the circular goal and throws the disc 10 times, competing for the number of sheets that passed inside. Use a plastic disc 23.5 cm in diameter and 100 ± 5 g in weight. Three people from Sakai City, Mr. Kinoshita, Mr. Takase, Mr. Matsuura participated, Tatsuo Kinoshita won 3rd prize In "Sakai City Antenna Shop" opened at the Mikuni Sports Park Athletic Stadium, many players, directors, and families came. Many people have already sightseeing such as Tojinboshi and Maruoka Castle, and feel the charm of Sakai City with five senses! I am very happy that a lot of people are enjoying Sakai City ❗️ Antenna shop opened on 14th and 15th, and PR charm of Sakai city is ♪ Please do come and join us!

Of your skin specialty store Jujiya

[To prevent drying in autumn and winter! 】 With this one, prepare your skin for everything.


I went to a seminar today memo

I added what I learned and remembered  Nico Nico

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1 Why is it a cosmetic lotion like a charm? < / span>


3 Usage is < / span> ?

* * * * * * * *

Hello. Shizuka Halloween

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Today, lotion

Note At the end of this blog  Sun Do you have skin luster?

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>  good  Love

& nbsp; " texture What is it flashlight bulb

Have you seen your own" "width =" 24 ">

& nbsp;

Here SKIN VISIOM (Skin Bizhome) is a special equipment that can check the condition of the skin.

Customers at cross-shops may be familiar screens.

One of the items has a "state of texture".

When you zoom in, it looks something like this down arrow

beautiful skin, small triangle plenty, clearly  glitter

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cat tail  From the cat  From the cat  From the cat  cat head When "texture" is plumped, why is it good? ?

It increases the wavelength and reflection of light =

That is! < How do you do "texture" in span style = "font-weight: bold;"> in span style = "font-weight: bold;"> in span style = "color: rgb (0, 0, 255) Is it plumping? ?  goo grin

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cat tail  From the cat  From the cat  From the cat  cat head

255, 0, 125); "> " If you have this one you can use! " " Relieved! "" Try it! "

For me " Looks like a charm < / span> Medicinal lotion is here!

Down arrow

spain style =" font size: 1.4 em; "> Benefique

multiconditioning lotion

& nbsp;

Benefique "> Marcon Trial Set

> (quasi-

& nbsp;

Why is it like a lucky charm? Is it a medicinal lotion? ?

Magical Crown about twice the size of" Span style =" font-weight: bold; "> Temperatures and humidity are decreasing rapidly and drying becomes serious < / span> It will come out . Repeatable drying, skinny, goodbye  byebye  LOL

& nbsp;

draggable = Suppress adult acne quickly! "rgb (255, 0, 125) I will not leave traces!

Although acne (pimples) tends to occur before menstruation or when tired,

In such a case, 5-10 minutes cotton mask .

It is quick to heal with flaming / sedation! There are no traces left!

If you acne early, cotton mask will not come out and will go away. " Spicy style =" color: rgb (255, 0, 125); "> style = "font - weight: bold;"> Now - Winter care is important!

Magical Crown Even with sunburn, minimize damage!

When I thought, "Today was a long time outside, 3 days from that day Cotton mask . "  Magical Crown </ p> </ p> <p> & nbsp; Also improve pores and shine! Pores are less noticeable .

And then, when it dries excess sebum is secreted can also be prevented span>.

and Make - up and make - up are also better!

& nbsp;

The reason for thinking is as follows.

There are always two to three stocks at home fly "" width = "24">

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& nbsp; < / p>

Organic chamomile extract

aka chamomile

Produced from Miyama-machi, Kyoto Prefecture anti-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory Allergies atopy or allergy redness "> flight and sedation : Acne and skin Suppressing melanogenesis : soft whitening

Moisturizing effect : Plump texture and glue up! By doing so, also fine wrinkle care! Keihi extract

Alias ​​Cinnamon

& nbsp;

Skin chill care : The skin cold in air conditioning in the spring and summer, and cold with falling temperature in autumn winter. Dullness / transparency is impaired. cause such as trouble. Blood-colored, bright skin! Pearl barley

Alias ​​Yokuinin

& nbsp;

Dry / pore care


To make up the effect of organic chamomile "> oubak

antibacterial / inflammatory care : Suppress acne

(Also included in Acne Care line of sensitive skin care care program)

& nbsp; How to use it

Makeup removal → Facial cleansing → Face lotion I use it in the order of beauty lotion → milky lotion → cream .

· After cream, as a lotion mask (like a cream pack!) · Before or after all in one (intensive care!) - Before and after usual lotion (power up care!)

etc. Usage is free Chu

& nbsp;

cat tail From the cat From the cat From the cat  cat head

> Conditioning "> Lotion Medicated Toner

& nbsp;

Why do not you try using it? " "I do not know which lotion is good."

Recommended for those who say" I do not want to use any of them! " Also recommended for men

The reason is checked from the following URL  glitter

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& nbsp;

 sun deals> sun > 10/21 (Sun)

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& nbsp ;

You can see your own "texture" here down arrow

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ZELE Togoshiginza

At Togoshi Ginza at night.

At Togoshi Ginza at night. A bright staff will always be waiting for you 😊✨ . . . Stylist: Kazunari Nakamura @ nakamura.kazunari_zele. . . . ⭐️ ZELE Cut of Togoshi Ginza ⭐️ The first thing I'm particular about is matching your skeleton / growing habits. By making hair flow according to the skeleton, it makes it easier to handle and makes it easier to stylish yourself. . ☑ が I do not know the style that suits you ☑ て will spread out soon ☑ ︎ I can not put it together ☑ ︎ Bangs are not well decided ☑ ︎ I want to show it on a small face . Please let me hear a lot of troubles, such as treatment, please let me do. . ⭐️ ZELE Togoshi Ginza coloring ⭐️ In ZELE [amino acid color] is used so that you can keep your hair more beautiful. . For those who do not understand hair troubles or matching colors, we will also propose personal colors according to the color of your eyes and skin. ✨ . ☑ ︎ want to erase reddish or yellowish ☑ ︎ I want to make a lustrous color invisible about passa ☑ ︎ I want to make it a beautiful color even if it is dark ☑ 大 OK in the workplace ☑ たい I want to color beautifully even with white hair dye ☑ も I also want highlights and inner colors * Etc etc, please consult with DM or telephone ♪ . . . #zele Togoshi Ginza #zele # Togoshi Ginza Gotanda Gotanda lunch Musashi Oyama # Togoshigoshi Ginza beauty salon #Hairstyle # Hair arrange # Hair color #highlight #instagood A permanent Salomo # Recruitment model recruitment #make # Hair # Hair catalog # Hairdresser jobs # Beauty student jobs # Beauty salon Shooting Job offer # Beauty Student # Barayage #Color # Kerastase

Lava Hot Yoga Studio studio Lala Aasha Togoshi Ginza studio

Good evening!

Good evening! Everyone, there are all stores in Lalaasha Do you know hydrogen water? Hydrogen water has many drinkers also for entertainers, The effect is not only to drink It is also very good for your skin! After washing the face, just wearing hydrogen water as lotion or soaked in cotton and packing It is said that there are effects such as prevention of wrinkles and wrinkles. Everyone, please try your hydrogen water! <1 day / 150 yen 1 month / 1000 yen> Okay! ! Thank you very much for reading today.