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Shop of stationery · OA supply [M · A · C]

Simple and functional 【organize + carry around】 items are available ❣️ # utlim # sonic # storage equipment # stationery # Togoshi Ginza

Simple and functional 【organize + carry around】 items are available ❣️ # utlim # sonic # storage equipment # stationery # Togoshi Ginza

Lifestyle grocery store Makumuku Isashi


2019.4.21 kanaexpress plants ꎺ Today is the last day. In the afternoon, we are making eraser stamp We will hold a workshop. Take a walk to Togoshi Ginza shopping district By all means kanaexpress Eraser stamp this world Please come to the peep * Exhibition sale is until around 18:00 ----------------- kanaexpress plants ꎺ April 17 (Wed)-21 (Sun) 【Erase rubber stamp making workshop】 April 17 (Wed): 11: 00-15: 00 215: 30-17: 30 April 21 (Sun) 11: 00-15: 00 215: 30-17: 30 Place: Inside Mokumokushi store Capacity: 4 people each time Participation fee: 2,200 yen (material cost. Tax included) How to apply: Storefront, Telephone, InstagramDM, Please from googleform → ----------------- # Enjoy life # Handwork # Equipment # Writer # Eraser stamp # kanaexpress # mokumokuishi # Mokomokushi # Tokyo # Togoshi Ginza # Exhibition # Workshop #

Of your skin specialty store Jujiya

[Golden week before] item summary which should be prepared absolutely! (Part 2)


Hello. Shizuka is Tulip

& nbsp;


& nbsp;

& nbsp;

The item summary which should be prepared absolutely!

 Don't laugh

& nbsp;

(part 1): >


If you don't use this, it's bad!


& nbsp; < p> 2

people with high water content span>

from being hard to tan.

"Tanning resistant"

& nbsp;

▽ (part 1) from here

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

In this case (part 2) < p> 1

If you get plenty of ultraviolet light,

from the day on Three days are a match!

focused care with masks

& nbsp;


Today's bathed

To care for UV radiation

After all daily tips

whitening essence

& nbsp;


For skincare

If you do not want to wear it,

Only drink this!

& nbsp; & nbsp;

sun sun sun

" Today is UV rays

soaking up a lot " I thought

3 days from today match!


On the day of full exposure to ultraviolet light

down arrow

< span style = "color: # ff007d;"> 3 days later

stains The original

< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> the generation of melanin begins

down arrow < / span>

9 After days

Melanin colonization


Intensive care with masks p>

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

aka "Drip mask"!

One-time mochi and firm skin

Gouts and cheers

whitening cream mask < / span>



< span style = "color: # 0000ff;"> 6 pieces of 8,000 yen

& nbsp;

Why is it another name "drop mask"?

Because it contains glucose.

Like a drop,

quick action in one shot

Gouton and fine charge!

explosive laugh

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

After removing the mask,

If you gently press it with your palm ...

More and more!

< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> used before mask

< span style = "font-size: 1.4em;"> also lotion, essence, and latex

/ span>

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

Originally, We recommend use once a week.

In addition, I can not use it daily because of the price sweat


< span style = "font-size: 1.4em;"> "Well sunburned  tear "


this day to 3 days

continued to use Good  cho

& nbsp;

whitening ingredient m-tranexamic acid combination < / span>

so it is best for UV and sun care!

& nbsp;


glitter Depending on the season,


warm with a bathtub.

Feeling & interesting!

glitter If you devise how to paste the mask,


Quick up!

& nbsp; & nbsp;

& nbsp;

" tanning "

moisturizing skin


down arrow < / p>

super hyaluronic acid So,

Rehydration about twice!

"multi", so

> Can care for both.


" multiconditioning


< span style = "color: # 0000ff;"> (Quasi-drug)

5-day trial kit

with cotton mask

850 yen

super hyaluronic acid can hold

is approximately twice!

So, Ample moisturizing .

Because skin after tanning is dry.

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

In addition,

Besides, because it is a mulch, in addition to moisturizing

needed for skin after tanning


glitter fireproofing / sedation

glitter Suppress melanin formation under stains & nbsp;

& nbsp;


lotion When used as a mask

< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> more effect up

↓ ↓ << / span>

▽ 【more Details; (1) Multiconditioning lotion

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

sun sun sun


bought up to today

To care for UV

After all daily tips

whitening essence span>

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

two kinds of beauty In white component

< span style = "background-color: #ffbfde;"> Fast whitening and whitening W whitening!



Refill 9,500 yen

& nbsp;

two whitening ingredients

1 quickly penetrate 4MSK left arrow also included in the whitening essence of Cle de Pau Beaute  wow

2 m-tranexamic acid

W whitening

Care for the UV rays that have been bathed!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

(part 1) introduced

Benefic < span style = "font-weight: bold;"> Hydrogenius

Ultra ultra in a very small size

through the corner < / span>

its penetration

surprise in depth and speed!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;


whitening ingredients >

Sweating environment (skin)

easy to exert effects


This white genius is


Moisturizing ingredients too blended , < p> It is easy for you to work on your own skin light

 Good  cho & nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

sun sun sun


<< span style "=" font-weight: bold; "> I do not want to wear skin care

sunburn, stains, blurs, blurs

If you want to care,

Only drink this!

& nbsp; & nbsp;

aka "drinking sunscreen"!

Drink before going out!


& nbsp;

It is

"If you keep drinking,

become harder to tan "

& nbsp;

of Shiseido BCs

No. 1 of your favorite drinking rate / span> is so!?

The more you think

, it is said, "This is fine!"

up arrow

My personal research results  Near & nbsp; & nbsp;

whitening Speaking of Vitamin C is popular,

The time to work as a whitening effect is about 2 hours after drinking

It seems that it is .

& nbsp;

incorporated in this white bloom

berry extract

time to work as a whitening effect


Drink About 10 hours!

< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> Works longer!

up arrow

Before going out

This is the reason why you want me to drink it!

Sports and picnics,

< span style = "color: # ff007d;"> Every day walking, sending and receiving, commuting, etc.

< span style = "font-weight: bold;"> Anyway, just drink in the morning!

& nbsp;

& nbsp;


This wolfberry fruit extract is

which we originally possess

the power to resolve the source of stains

Power up!











太陽 太陽 太陽










などなど、一緒に確認しましょグッ爆  笑



Honenaga of Odori Gyoso


. Apply for Mother's Day Gift We accept ☺️✨ We accept at official site and storefront😊 Thank you for Mother's Day Thank you card "Otosha no Takanaga's official mail order site" → I can get it from my profile URL If you want to give it anyway, the deliciousness of Hokkaido is plentiful! ! This site is recommended for such people 😊 Search on ""!  @ Osamu Osamu chopsticks Takanaga no Toyonaga Togoshi Ginza shop


Togoshi Ginza chicken & deli will also be open at "Oita Ekimae Ramen Expo 2019" which will be held at Oita Ekimae Oita Ikoinoichi Plaza on May 2nd-6th. We look forward to seeing you there.

Togoshi Ginza chicken & deli will also be open at "Oita Ekimae Ramen Expo 2019" which will be held at Oita Ekimae Oita Ikoinoichi Plaza on May 2nd-6th. We look forward to seeing you there. # Oita # Oita Station # Oita Station # Ramen # # Fry #karaage # Deep-fried # Togoshi

Hokule'a (Hokule'a)

Beauty hair

Beauty hair

Lava Hot Yoga Studio studio Lala Aasha Togoshi Ginza studio

Good evening everyone

Good evening everyone Thank you for always seeing BLOG of Lara Asha ♪ Workshops held monthly by Lala Aasha, a lava hot yoga studio For the first time in May ,, 【NEW Lesson ~ Wheel Yoga WS ~】 We will hold it! ! ! First of all With Wheel Yoga! ? A yoga wheel is yoga that is performed using a round ring of training equipment designed to make the spine flexible. Modern people are forced to live on the back of the body is hard, so it has been discussed that the relaxation effect is high including yoga beginners. The circular shape of the yoga wheel props makes it possible to perform yoga postures that are usually not good (especially back flexion) and improve the physical condition such as stiff shoulders and back pain. Why don't you try yoga using the popular wheel! As it will be held in the room temperature lesson, you can go with confidence. Please enjoy the latest fitness yoga! ▼ Details ▼ Date: April 30 (Tue) 11:30-13:00 (90 minutes) Place: Ikebukuro normal temperature studio Belongings: More than 1 liter of water ◯ Yoga wear such as lesson set Participation fee: uniform 2000 yen Lecturer: Mr. Chii == Tsunashima / Academia / Center North Studio Regular = = Capacity: 12 people (female only) We look forward to your participation ♪ Lava Hot Yoga Studio Lara Asya

Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

【Nice to meet you! It is Kaji Hayamizu! ]

【Nice to meet you! It is Kaji Hayamizu! ] Nice to meet everyone! This year, I will be working at Sakai City Hall every Wednesday as a corporate apprentice, I am Kazuyoshi Hayamizu, a third-year student of Fukui Prefectural Sakai High School. On the first day of the training, I went to Tojinbo, Mikuni Port, and the "Takeda Weeping Cherry Blossom Festival"! It's warm and perfect for going out. It was raining along the way, but there were lots of new discoveries. What impressed me was the efforts to renovate the old house of Mikuni Port Town, and Takeda's weeping cherry blossoms! I was so moved that it was possible to do such a wonderful thing just because people in the area love the place where they live. I live in Awara City next door, I go to a high school in Sakai City, but there are still many wonderful things I haven't known so far, and I am very excited. I will do my best this year! Thank you in advance (^ ^)

solco (Solco)

We will do Mother's Day collaboration this year too! with JUGGLERS!

We will do Mother's Day collaboration this year too! with JUGGLERS! A flower shop JUGGLERS who does not have a nearby store who participates in the Marche sponsored by togoship has a good sense of taste in the UK! This year too, it is an online reservation start for solco bottle and a set of lease and herbarium for Mother's Day (and Father's Day!)! You can choose your favorite flower type, choose salt, and attach a message card. If you order Mother's Day, it will be 5% OFF if you order Father's Day! I also selected salt for Father's sake! Order to this site! (Does not accept at solco stores. You can taste the salt!)

Seo shopping

【Notice of TV broadcasting】

【Notice of TV broadcasting】 Good weather Saturday is now 🌞✨ Today's 21:00 tele east "ad meck heaven" features Togoshi Ginza. Please take a look! . And, introduction of a cute bowl. When it is time to add fruits and pickled plums, it is a small oval plate that softens. It is nice to put on small accessories such as piercings. It is an adult that the exquisite color suits spring.