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Maroma (Emuaroma)

♡ Blog updated ♡

♡ Blog updated ♡


Togoshi Ginza chicken & deli are introduced in Tokyo Walker May issue 2019! ! !

Togoshi Ginza chicken & deli are introduced in Tokyo Walker May issue 2019! ! ! #TokyoWalker # Togoshi # Togoshi Ginza # Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street #Fried chicken # Fried chicken

Sakanakei (Akebono Fisheries Co., Ltd.)

Hello o (^ o ^) o

Hello o (^ o ^) o It was nice to be sunny It is bargain arrival information of today. Made in Mie Prefecture, Bonito Saku is Very good !! Moth I'm riding on fat-(^ o ^) Limited quantity is available soon. Notice Today at 19 o'clock by convenience Closed ...

Lava Hot Yoga Studio studio Lala Aasha Togoshi Ginza studio

Thank you for always seeing Lara Asya BLOG ♡

Thank you for always seeing Lara Asya BLOG ♡ It will be the first day in the daytime studio in the other day [-~ Also become clean from the inside of the body-food education yoga] It was very popular and it was held full-sized ... Thank you very much everyone who participated Conduct a lecture in the first half while watching the materials, In the second half of the lesson at Yoga lesson everyone had carefully noted it! ! Review your daily diet referring to what you have taught! People who said that Everyone has a very nice smile Next WS is Wheel Yoga✨✨ There is still space, so please! We look forward to your participation (^ ^) Then I will update again ✨✨

tenOZ (Ten'onsu)

The Golden Week holiday is

The Golden Week holiday is I will do business as usual. April 30 (Tuesday) Regular holiday May 7 (Tuesday) and 8 (Wednesday) are consecutive holidays. Kujukuri beach is a full-fledged ban on hunting, but there were people taking a lot.

Shop of stationery · OA supply [M · A · C]

2 hole file 📖 desk is also オ in fashionable

2 hole file 📖 desk is also オ in fashionable # Fashion stationery # Etranje # Photo file # Resort mood # stationery shop # Togoshi Ginza

Honenaga of Odori Gyoso


. At today's business trip meeting, Pork miso hormone is also grilled It's delicious and delicious! Add vegetables after this Taste is soaked in ♡ Hokkaido's finest rectal hormone. 220g ¥ 500 + tax #Otosha Houki no Takanaga #Togoshi Ginza # Hormon # Motu # I love meat # Hokkaido # Hokkaido Gourmet

Of your skin specialty store Jujiya

[Delicious] Let's go round thin oats and thick oats!


Hello. Shizuka is clover

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The other day, my friend M came with you to the child

Togoshi to come to Ginza Yes.

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I was thinking of a variety of lunch shops,

My friends like soba noodles,

< span style = "color: # 0000ff;"> Masanoya (Masanoya) To !

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Togoshi Ginza



Also from the customers of the crucifixe


You hear the voice,

Everybody knows surely, right? 照

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The place is from Ikegami line Togoshi Ginza station

2 minutes walk straight.


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I went on Saturday after noon at 13:00,

the first floor is full!

We were able to sit on the second floor without waiting


After a while

2 The floor is full in a while, saying sweat

That's it. It is popular heart

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Goba with soba noodles .

down arrow

(When I put onion and wasabi, I realized that "p>

" Ah! photo! " < p> I found myself, Eri! Near)

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thin soba

Fresh glitter

I ate  Laughs

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Actually, with me and Danna


in Ebisu

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My first visit was

more than 10 years ago .

other than soba Also,

, so

take a friend.

I am with Danna 照

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This scented house

recommendations for soba < / p>

thick oats > , so

Because I eat a lot, I was tired of the jaw at the beginning  Gnari )


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Soba soba fragrant house < p> & nbsp;

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Thin soba!

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The future is

Mr. Thin soba noodles

A thick soba noodles from the fragrant house

Shono ya no thin soba noodles p>

Scented soba noodles by Mr. Fraser ...


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From that, < / p>


I can not forget the taste of soba noodles,

"I want to eat!" and

I tried to go for lunch alone ...

The opening hours of lunch ~ 15:00 and it was not in time Garn

& nbsp;

Why not I want to eat!

Lifestyle grocery store Makumuku Isashi


2019.4.23 GW Event Notification I'm interested in Taiwan tea and Chinese tea How to drown and procedures will be difficult .. It is very difficult to arrange a dedicated tea bowl .. There may be many people who feel it. In fact, there is no more detailed rule than Japanese tea ceremony Using the instruments and tools used at home You can enjoy enough delicious tea Charm of Taiwan tea and Chinese tea. Therefore, May 1 (Wed) Enjoying the Taiwanese Tea Party in Your Life I hope I can hold a Hosted by the teacups To Iwasaki Naoko @ naokoiwasaki of Chinese tea ceremony house While looking at the story of how to make tea and tea ceremony Do you not enjoy delicious Taiwan tea together? On the day, the instruments and kitchen utensils handled by the store While taking care of equipment etc. Please prepare a tea ceremony. (We may use something that is currently out of stock) It is a sudden notice We look forward to your participation. * Between the tea ceremony time and around 30 minutes We will close the shop once. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you very much. ----------------- Enjoying the Taiwanese Tea Party in Your Life May 1 (Wed) 13: 30-15: 30 Place: Inside Mokumokushi store Capacity: 6 people * Held by 4 people or more Participation fee: 3,000 yen (including tax Taiwan tea 3 kinds and tea cake) How to apply: By 4/30 Storefront, Telephone, InstagramDM, Please from googleform → ----------------- # Enjoying Life # Handwork # Equipment # Writer # Taiwan Tea Party # Tea Bowl # # Nagisa Iwasaki # mokumokuishi # Mokumokushi # Tokyo # Togoshi Ginza

solco (Solco)

-Notification of product price revision-

-Notification of product price revision- Thank you for always using solco. We have continued to offer low prices from the time of opening five years ago, with the wish that we would like many customers to have fun enjoying salt sweets, etc. We would like to revise the price. I will inform you at this place. Commitment to organic materials and so on, so far we have continued to offer without raising the selling price even if raw materials have risen in price. However, in order to continue to use the high quality materials and to continue delivering the current quality and taste, we have decided that it is necessary to revise the price this time. At the time of the opening, I did not expect that many customers would enjoy the salt experience through rice cakes and sweets. I am really grateful to everyone who has supported me so far. We look forward to your continued patronage, thank you. Salted rice 250 yen Salt cookie 350 yen Salt banana bread 380 yen Salt caramel cake 380 yen Gelato 300 yen