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December 1st, 2016 update

December 11 (Sunday) Togoshi-Ginza Station Renewal Anniversary! (Shoei meeting zone)

2016 December 11 (Sunday) from 14:00 to, along with the Togoshi-Ginza Station renovation completion of the Tokyu Ikegami Line, will hold a commemorative event. And Garapon lottery hit the luxury prize, make the behavior of the Tsukitate rice cake. Since the day you came to celebrate a lot of friends of the silver-chan, please come by all means to Togoshiginza shopping street in this opportunity.

November 24th, 2016 update

11 / 28-12 / 12 Togoshiginza shopping street Federation “year-end big thank Sale 2016” held!

11/28 (Mon) - 12/12 (month), will hold a "year-end big thank Sale 2016" at 3 shopping district of Togoshiginza. I got a scratch card with your shopping in the target store, If you get hit, participated in the Garapon lottery to win a luxurious prize. Even out Nope, presents the "silver-chan original calendar" If you collect 10 pieces! On December 23 (Friday) there is a gift of sweets than silver-chan Santa! By all means at this opportunity, please come to Togoshiginza shopping street!