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Togoshi Ginza brand

Togoshi-Ginza Souvenirs

No matter how many people come to your shopping district, if you do not have the things your customers want, your sales will never grow. If you can create products that cannot be purchased anywhere else, customers will be willing to come to find them, and there will be no price competition with high-volume retailers. The Togoshi-Ginza brand is one that has come about this way.

Alongside everyone from the area, we are putting to use the experience, knowledge, and skills that only shopkeepers have, to create reliable products and services with the genuine value that people expect of Togoshi-Ginza. We offer products that cannot be bought anywhere but here, including Togoshi-Ginza sake, sauces that go well with the prepared dishes offered in our shopping district, and Gin-chan merchandise. By all means, please buy one as a souvenir of Togoshi-Ginza!

Togoshi-Ginza Croquettes

The image of Togoshi-Ginza is one of a shopping district with a friendly, distinctly working-class atmosphere. You can see many people walk through the shopping district while eating croquettes. The croquettes made by the butcher shops of Togoshi-Ginza have long had a great reputation. When we thought about how we could use these delicious croquettes to make Togoshi-Ginza even more fun for the people who come to visit, that was where our work to promote Togoshi-Ginza Croquettes began.

There are no set recipes or specific rules for Togoshi-Ginza Croquettes. Numerous establishments in the Togoshi-Ginza shopping district each make croquettes that embody the individuality of their makers. Everyone is free to take part, and while it started with seven butcher shops and delis, the number of participating stores has gradually increased. Today, about 20 establishments including restaurants sell croquettes of their own, each overflowing with personality. We expect the number of participating stores to continue to increase steadily. So, when we invite you to take a trip all the way down this long shopping street of Togoshi-Ginza, savoring the food along the way, we hope it sounds like fun to you.