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Ginza Cozy Corner Togoshiginza shop

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-7-4 Togoshi entry 1F
Regular Holiday
A day, seven days a week
Confectionery sale
Main products
Cut cake, cream puff, decorated cake, madeleine
You can use it according to the scene, such as the popular jumbo cream puff, colorful fresh cakes, and pastry chef's special baked goods.

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Click here for product details 👇️

Click here for product details 👇️

✨Finally released nationwide✨

✨Finally released nationwide✨ A new product in collaboration with #Afternoon Tea! Souffle waffle 🍋🫖 Now on sale at all Ginza Cozy Corner stores nationwide🙌 Fragrant tea with whipped cream The cooling sensation of black tea jelly, Refreshing fruitiness and scent of lemon Please enjoy! #Cozy Corner

\🍌July 12th (Friday) Coming soon🍌/

\🍌July 12th (Friday) Coming soon🍌/ A yellow and crazy character who loves bananas has been turned into a sweet! If you are interested✨, please comment with lots of “🍌” emojis! #Cozy Corner #Minions #MINIONS

🌟New sweets perfect for Tanabata🌟

🌟New sweets perfect for Tanabata🌟 Which one do you want to eat? 🍈“Tanabata 2 types of melon short” 🍑“Tanabata White Peach Short” Please comment if you are interested✨️ #Cozy Corner #Sweets for Memories

RT @kiriJP_CP: French Cream Cheese Fair [Ginza Cozy Corner]

RT @kiriJP_CP: French Cream Cheese Fair [Ginza Cozy Corner] Two types of cheesecake are now available from Ginza Cozy Corner! ●Cheesecake A soufflé-type cheesecake with a deep flavor of milky and sour cheese. The rich flavor of moist, fluffy cheese...