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Tsuzumi dumpling

Shinagawa Togoshi 2-5-3
Regular Holiday
Japanese sweets shop
Main products
Mitarashi dumplings, strawberry daifuku, warabi mochi, ohagi
Tsuzumi Danko is a Japanese sweets maker born in Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Daifuku and dumplings, which are made using carefully selected ingredients from all over the country and are made through a laborious process, have a very rich and addictive taste. We are opening stores at product exhibitions all over the country.

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Good morning ☀️

Good morning ☀️ Shaved ice is on sale today as well. Uji matcha sauce is very popular ✨ We look forward to your visit 😉 #Summer #Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street #Shaved Ice #Japanese Sweets #Sweets #Dango #Tsuzumi Dango

From today

From today Fluffy dumplings It's shaved ice ☺️ We look forward to many visits ✨ How about this summer? ?? The type of sauce is ・ Strawberry / Uji matcha ・ Mango ・ Amanatsu 174% #Shaved ice #Japanese sweets #Sweets #Summer…

Tsuzumi dumplings 🍡

Tsuzumi dumplings 🍡 Today, we have new products, purple potato dumplings and yellow potato dumplings ☺️ At room temperature or chilled It's delicious so come this summer Please enjoy it 😉😉 It tastes like sweet potato ✨ #Tsuzumi dumpling #Warabimochi #Japanese sweets #Summer #Taro #Red potato

From 10 o'clock as usual this week

From 10 o'clock as usual this week Open 😁 How. Tsuzumi dumplings in the Kanto area Area manager Let me appear in [Ariehen ∞ World] I got it. Because there are many stores When you find Tsuzumi dumplings Please drop in ...