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Honenaga of Odori Gyoso

Shinagawa Togoshi 1-15-14
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Sales of raw frozen dumplings, grilled gyoza, camembert soft cream takeout, and other Hokkaido products such as Genghis Khan
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Handmade gyoza born in Otofuke town in Tokachi, Hokkaido. The gyoza that was offered as a small ramen shop spread out in word of mouth as delicious, and now there are many fans all over the country! ! Please try outstanding dumplings not ever.

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. #Gyoza Ahijo Plenty, Spices and black pepper It is recommended to put on. Recently I've been into possums. Good night tomorrow after tomorrow ♪ #Festival next week #Togoshi Hachiman Shrine #Gyoza #Garlic max #Ahijo #Gyoza #Otosara gyoza #Otosara gyoza 永 #Hoei gyoza #home rice

💛September event💛

💛September event💛 [Togoshi Hachiman Festival] (7th and 8th) It seems that this year is the year that the shrine can be carried It seems that Kanari people come out and get excited! So as not to interfere with the portable shrine, We serve sake and gyoza in front of the store! ! This year my parents will come to help me, I want to go out to play with a chance. [Local dumpling festival IN Ashikaga] (21st and 22nd) At Ashikaga Flower Park in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, You can eat dumplings from all over the country, A very attractive gyoza festival will be held! ! While enjoying delicious dumplings and sake, I can walk in the flower park, It's going to be the best two days! ! ! From our shop, "Hokkaido toukyou dumplings" exhibited! Being able to offer it by having a border ... Gyoza festival has always been a dream! I have a shop and can't bake, If you haven't scheduled yet, Please go to play instead and tell us your impressions (^-^) Click here for details✨

I am glad that Amazon orders are increasing 増 え

I am glad that Amazon orders are increasing 増 え The official site will also be introduced by Amazon Pay! Various procedures are in progress now! ! I'm more happy when the official website increases However, For those who are easy to use, I want you to know Otofuke Gyoza first. Original ancestor gyoza Hoei special handmade gyoza 1.2kg (with about 40 pieces) Hoei gyoza Hokkaido handmade gyoza #Amazon Official site Yahoo! is 5 times the point where 5 is! Seniors bought me here on the 5th. To make it easier to use and see, I'll do my best! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Grilled sausage😋

Grilled sausage😋 Fried gyoza Beach boiled skewers Inca's Awakening Potato Butter Camembert soft 😋 More Hokkaido than usual We are preparing.


. Good evening ♪ Today together with Mapo Tofu 腐 Chinese dumplings For Chinese menu, It should have been water dumplings. Rawanbuki gyoza is It is Tanaka, a shop owner who likes water dumplings and ponzu. I will be open again tomorrow! Togoshi Ginza Festival on the weekend. Please come to play (() ◠‿◠  #Otosara gyoza Takanawadai #Tokyu Ikegami Line #Stock Gourmet # #Togoshi Ginza #Togoshi #Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street #Eat Stargram #Eat Walking