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Shinagawa Togoshi 2-6-5
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Insoles and shoes shop
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Shoes, insoles, supplements, supporters
"Athlete is a shop specializing in custom made insoles and shoes. It opened in Machida City, Tokyo in 2008 as a" shop that proposes health from the foot ". For the joy of life "to be able to keep walking well until the end", for that purpose, we will propose "measures" and "prevention" to keep walking and "cancellation" of those who are hurting shoes and feet that do not fit. I think that is a mission. At the Togoshi Ginza store, we hold intimate experience sessions from time to time. Feel free to visit us, we look forward to your inquiries. "

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I made a video for flat feet!

Hello! Togoshi Ginza store, Ueno whether you are next to or below! & # 160; It's Ueno whether you're lying down or down! !! !! (I will continue with this story. Tsurattan!) & # 160; Recently, at the Togoshi Ginza store, "At the hospital (or at the osteopathic clinic), it is said to be flat feet ..." Te ... "Many people come to the store because of their worries! So ... & # 160; What happens to flat feet [& # 8230;]

[Super deals! ] 2nd Anniversary Foot Care Event Held!

Hello! Togoshi Ginza store, Ueno whether you are next to or below! 🙂 & # 160; Whether you're lying down or down, it's Ueno! 😆 (I said it twice because it's important!) (It looks like an entertainer who can't sell, but it's a greeting recommended by the manager, so I'll make it a standard. , (Switch!) Togoshi Ginza store 2nd anniversary! With gratitude, it's a really good deal "Foot Care Event [& # 8230;]"

"Katsumori" who supported Saso's victory!

Hello ! This is Ueno from the Togoshi Ginza store! & # 160; Do you guys play golf? In golf, even though I measure golf shoes well, I have never actually played the competition itself, but ... & # 160; Actually, "Yuka Saso, who won the United States Women's Open Golf Championship, It seems that there was a connection with Togoshi Hachimangu Shrine! " & # 160; I haven't played golf so much, though! Investigation [& # 8230;]

I'm Ueno, the new store manager! [Togoshi Ginza store]

Nice to meet you! I'm Ueno, the manager of the Togoshi Ginza store! With the move to the former store manager Yokobori's Ashikaga Plus Kawaguchi Aeon store, we came from the Omori store! & # 160; Togoshi-Ginza Shopping Street, the longest shopping street in Japan, has many lively and warm people, and I would like to support their health from the ground up! I was also involved in the sale of shoes in my previous job, so I am always looking forward to hearing from you about shoes! (On the right is Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street [& # 8230;]

Good morning 😊

Good morning 😊 Blog updated ❗ Wearing any insole will be effective, so if you can't wear it in the middle, we recommend starting from 5 or 10 minutes 😌 #Footwear #Foot #Shoes #Insoles #Footwear Togoshi Ginza store…