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Chinese gong handmade noodles

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-8-3
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Seven days a week
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Ramen shop of hand-made noodles. You can choose the taste from soy sauce and salt for the soup that is cooked for 8 hours with sticky noodles and pork bone base. There are three types of char siu that are stewed in a secret sauce: pork, beef and smoked duck. The mochi-mochi noodles are excellent with chilled Chinese or jersey noodles. Please try it once. We'll be expecting you.

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🍜 Great ramen recommended 🍜

🍜 Great ramen recommended 🍜 Smoked duck ramen 490 yen! ️ Classic pork bone soy sauce ramen topped with smoked duck char siu 😊 Aigamo char siu Once you eat it, it will be a habit! ️ #Chao #Handmade noodles #ramen #Profit #Recommended...

The menu and the price setting have been changed at Kungfu China! ️

The menu and the price setting have been changed at Kungfu China! ️ Pork bone soy sauce ramen from 490 yen 🍜 We have improved so that everyone can be pleased! ️ Please try it once 🙇‍♂️ #Chao #Handmade noodles #Pork bone soy sauce #ramen # Price cut #Togoshi Ginza *Small...

We have registered in "LINE Pokeo".

We have registered in "LINE Pokeo". We will prepare a take-out order at the specified time. You can take out without waiting just by registering LINE Pokeo as a friend on LINE 🍜 We are waiting for your use 🙇‍♂️ # Isao Chuka...

Unfortunately it's raining today ☔️

Unfortunately it's raining today ☔️ We have a ☂️ Rainy day service ☂️ 😊 Sichuan style Dantan noodles 🍜 Kungfu beef noodles Both can be enjoyed from 980 yen to 680 yen. It is limited to customers coming to the store, so if you can come visit us...