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solco (Solco)

Shinagawa rich-cho 1-3-13
Regular Holiday
Mondays and Tuesdays other than holidays
Food retail
Main products
Salt, rice balls, drinks,
It is a shop where you can enjoy a rice ball and salt Suites using a safe and secure food with domestic and foreign unique salt more than 40. Please come to discover the salt of their preferences in their own tongue.

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News of magazine publication ♬

News of magazine publication ♬ It will be published in "Walking Master" for the first time in three and a half years since the 2016 Ikegami Line special feature! The March issue released on February 21 is "Togoshi Ginza, Musashi Koyama, Nakanobu, Nishi Koyama, Ebara-ku" I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like in my favorite city! solco will be published together with a white coat shop and a Chinese medicine shop under the title of "Rikejo-style and unique specialty store tour" ~

Radio appearance notice ♬

Radio appearance notice ♬ Tomorrow January 11th is said to be Salt Day. why? If you are interested, please check it out ~ I will appear on the TOKYO FM radio program tomorrow! It seems that you can listen even if you miss it on the podcast or radiko of the program site ~ Saturday, January 11, 2020 17: 00- TOKYO FM "Pete's Mysterious Garage" Tomorrow's notice

The solco gallery vol.24 is very popular! Cairo not thrown away "Nukaron"

The solco gallery vol.24 is very popular! Cairo not thrown away "Nukaron" Happy new year. We look forward to your continued support of solco, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary. This month's solco gallery is a hand warmer "nucaron" handmade by Kyoko, a regular in the neighborhood! This is the second installment that was very popular at the gallery in November 2018! Nukaron is made from rice bran, brown rice and salt. When the water in the bran and brown rice is heated in the microwave, it becomes moist heat and gently warms the body from the core. Salt keeps its humidity and is also effective in antiseptic action. An eco-friendly body warmer that can be used repeatedly. I asked them to make it palm-sized so that they could be carried around. I can't let go when I go to bed ~ solco gallery vol.24 nucaron ~ A warmer made of bran that is warmed by the effect of salt ~ Date and time: Saturday, January 11, 2019-Sunday, January 26, 2019 12: 00-18: 00 Location: Inside the solco store Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (excluding holidays) Also, as we have announced before, Mondays and Tuesdays other than public holidays will be closed from this year. We will continue to hold 5% off 5 kinds of salt to commemorate the 5th anniversary.

solco 5th Anniversary! 5% off 5 kinds of salt!

solco 5th Anniversary! 5% off 5 kinds of salt! Thanks to you, solco is celebrating its 5th anniversary today. With gratitude, we offer a 5% discount on the following 5 types of salt. Why don't you take this opportunity to pick up solco salt or give it as a gift? The end time is undecided. In the meantime, we are considering changing the type of salt to be discounted. Both stores and online stores are on sale ~ 004 Uruwashi flower salt, sprinkle on tofu for a smooth sweetness. 017 Aogashima salt from Tokyo! It's also delicious to conclude! 200 Bali sun-dried salt large grain (big size is not applicable) solco logo! 300 Gourmet salt flakes Sprinkle on meat. 401 Mongolian unexplored sweet rock salt pumpkin and sweet potatoes become sweet!

Notice of New Year holidays and regular holidays next year ♬

Notice of New Year holidays and regular holidays next year ♬ This year it will be open until December 29th (Sun), and next year it will be open from January 8th (Wednesday). The solco online store accepts orders, but orders placed between 14:00 on December 29th and January 7th will be shipped from January 8th. Also, from 2020, we will be closed every week on Mondays other than public holidays. In addition, since the brand of the container will be changed at the beginning of 2020, the stock will continue to be insufficient for several months, so if you are worried, please contact us in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.