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Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-22
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Antenna Shop
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Fresh vegetables of local direct, raised up for Taniguchiya, Ganso grilled mackerel sushi, of Mikuniminato direct shrimp
This antenna shop to PR the happiest town in Fukui Prefecture, Sakai city in Japan. Fostered a rich nature, we will tell through selling other information dissemination of agricultural products and seafood a city of charm to everyone.

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Good evening dear

Good evening dear With good weather, "Fukui Happy Energetic Tournament" is being held today from today. The opening day ceremony was held at the 9.98 stadium on the first day today, and the crown prince was attended. Also in Sakai City, during October 13 (Saturday) - 15 (Mon), Football Sports at Maruoka Sportsland and Flying Disc Sports at Mikuni Sports Park Athletic Stadium are being held. Today, at the flying disc competition, the athlete from Sakai city worked hard (^ ^) ♪ A flying disc is a competition that aims at the circular goal and throws the disc 10 times, competing for the number of sheets that passed inside. Use a plastic disc 23.5 cm in diameter and 100 ± 5 g in weight. Three people from Sakai City, Mr. Kinoshita, Mr. Takase, Mr. Matsuura participated, Tatsuo Kinoshita won 3rd prize In "Sakai City Antenna Shop" opened at the Mikuni Sports Park Athletic Stadium, many players, directors, and families came. Many people have already sightseeing such as Tojinboshi and Maruoka Castle, and feel the charm of Sakai City with five senses! I am very happy that a lot of people are enjoying Sakai City ❗️ Antenna shop opened on 14th and 15th, and PR charm of Sakai city is ♪ Please do come and join us!


Hello! It is Sakai Kibu Community Center ✨ "Kibe Autumn Festival Festival" was held on October 8 (Monday). In the rice field Sakai Kibe area, everyone is looking forward to the "Autumn Festival Festival" held this time when rice is harvested (^ ^) Even if I say anything! pounding mochi! Rice cakes made with freshly harvested rice are exceptional. Enjoying old age and young ladies, I will pet peppers and pounding rice cakes. Everyone's wonderful smile is shining Also, broth juice also acts and is crowded with many people. Besides, marin gymnastics and do radio exercises, just like an appetite fall! Sports fall! is not it. And another special dish of "Kibe Autumn Festival Festival" "Sasabi mochi" ❗️ This "bamboo mochi" is part of "business development and cultivation of rural culture" which is conducted for the 4th and 5th graders of Kibe Elementary School, and children learn from the people of cooperation the day before the festival make. This bamboo cake is loved by people in the area, and many people go to the festival seeking this bamboo shoots. Eat a lot of delicious things, move the body, Energetic Sakai Kibe area. This way, the bond of the region will deepen, will not it?

The Fukui National Body also celebrated the closing ceremony today.

The Fukui National Body also celebrated the closing ceremony today. Like a long, like a short ... It may be that the players, directors, and audiences felt various thoughts (^^) ✨ Also in Sakai City, soccer and volleyball competitions ended successfully. Yesterday, the top of the volleyball game was decided. The boy 's boys are Kyoto fu. For boys girls, Tokyo got the top spot. The boys girls were in Tokyo, which became a difficult battle in the first set, but they regained the wave and the captain Ishikawa Masunuu will go on track more and more. A powerful attack was as powerful as surprises of "Ooo!" Came from the audience. "The flow is by all means in Osaka, I could not play a team-like game," the director says, reflecting the first set. "It was the power they had, that we could properly rebuild", I was able to hear the relationship of trust between the director and the players ♪ "It is a pleasure to be warmly attentive." "I was impressed with the hospitality and good impression," I was able to hear impression of Sakai City from the players. The Fukui National Body will end, but the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are also coming down. To the Fukui National Body this time, a lot of players who carry the Hinomaru in the future may have been visited. Again, I felt that the national body was an awesome event (^ ^) Many people visited Sakai City and there were lots of nice encounters. I would be very happy if you came from outside the prefecture and thought that Sakai City was a good city. And I'm happy if you come back to Sakai City again. Everyone, thank you very much. And thank you for many smiles.

Fukui National Body Day 7

Fukui National Body Day 7 The Fukui prefecture's representative of the Fukui representative's quarterfinals who was held today, Oita prefecture representatives have Sonoda, Gakuya, Hirayama and Araki players who were selected as all Japan members of the Asian Junior Women's Championship Tournament. The Fukui national team strongly confronted the sharp attack of Oita prefecture without losing. A powerful attack is determined with the captain Yamashita (All Japan members) as the lead! The venue also got together hotly (^ ^) Fukui Prefecture representative is seventh! I worked hard! Thank you for a wonderful game Tomorrow will be held at the Mikuni gymnasium, boys girls, Tokyo vs. Osaka final and Chiba vs. Oita 3rd placement fight! Please take a look at the attendee's game at the venue by all means ♪ Maruoka gymnasium boys' boy, Hiroshima vs. Kyoto final and Kumamoto vs. Nagano 3rd place deciding game will be held (^ ^)

The typhoon is approaching and the wind is strong ...

The typhoon is approaching and the wind is strong ... Everyone, please avoid unnecessary going out! Well, Fukui National body day 7 Today volleyball competition (boys boys and boys girls) was held. Boys boys fought against Akita prefecture and lost in 2-0, but I tried hard on my best. It was a wonderful experience that the team was united towards winning such as the soul-minded serv and attack. ❗️ Boy girls fight against Iwate Prefecture and win 2-0 Advance to quarterfinals (^ ^) From 10:50 am tomorrow (7th October) I will fight Oita prefecture at Mikuni gymnasium Please visit the venue by all means