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Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-22
Regular Holiday
Beginning of the year
Antenna Shop
Main products
Fresh vegetables of local direct, raised up for Taniguchiya, Ganso grilled mackerel sushi, of Mikuniminato direct shrimp
This antenna shop to PR the happiest town in Fukui Prefecture, Sakai city in Japan. Fostered a rich nature, we will tell through selling other information dissemination of agricultural products and seafood a city of charm to everyone.

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【Nice to meet you! It is Kaji Hayamizu! ]

【Nice to meet you! It is Kaji Hayamizu! ] Nice to meet everyone! This year, I will be working at Sakai City Hall every Wednesday as a corporate apprentice, I am Kazuyoshi Hayamizu, a third-year student of Fukui Prefectural Sakai High School. On the first day of the training, I went to Tojinbo, Mikuni Port, and the "Takeda Weeping Cherry Blossom Festival"! It's warm and perfect for going out. It was raining along the way, but there were lots of new discoveries. What impressed me was the efforts to renovate the old house of Mikuni Port Town, and Takeda's weeping cherry blossoms! I was so moved that it was possible to do such a wonderful thing just because people in the area love the place where they live. I live in Awara City next door, I go to a high school in Sakai City, but there are still many wonderful things I haven't known so far, and I am very excited. I will do my best this year! Thank you in advance (^ ^)

[Must see ✨ ad street paradise! ]

[Must see ✨ ad street paradise! ] Today, April 13 (Saturday) ad street paradise what! Sakai City antenna shop is introduced \ (^^) / The ad street this time is Togoshi Ginza, a shopping street boasting Tokyo's No. 1 length. In the shop introduction of Togoshi Ginza shopping district where you can encounter more pleasant discoveries as you walk, Sakai City antenna shop also comes out! Do not miss it! It will be broadcasted for a while in Fukui Prefecture, but everyone in the metropolitan area! Please see by all means ✨ Koto TV Tokyo Saturday, April 13, 2019 9:00 pm

[We have you introduced antenna shop! ]

[We have you introduced antenna shop! ] Flower is cold today. It was a cold day Mr. Iwata from the Fukui Public Relations Division is doing a hot antenna shop report that blows away such coldness. Please see by all means (^-^) Everybody, please be careful not to catch a cold etc.

Good evening!

Good evening! It was a forecast of rain, but it was a fine day (^ ^) ✨ tomorrow, at last! At the Sakura Festival, the existing 12 Tenshu version Maruoka Castle Qualifier of Japan Longitudinal Ultra Quiz will be held! For those who challenged the qualifying between 10 am and 12 am, there will be a participation award and a lottery where articles from Sakai City will be held. Wakasa beef, sweet shrimp and other products filled with the charm of Sakai City From 14:00 onwards, we will carry out a quick push quiz by the quiz kings who have won the Qualifications of the municipality with the castle of the existing 12 castles named the Ultra Quiz National Tournament. Do not miss the moment when the knowledge king of the existing 12 towers is decided Zen schedule 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock Maruoka Castle Qualifier 12 o'clock to 13 o'clock Maruoka Castle semifinals, finals, fun lottery 14:00 to 14:30 national convention Besides, there are a lot of events! Maruoka Castle Fort of Sakurahana It is good weather forecast tomorrow too ☀️ Please carry your foot to Maruoka Castle, everyone 👣

[Existing 12 Tenjin Ultra Quiz, Kochi Castle Qualification Team]

[Existing 12 Tenjin Ultra Quiz, Kochi Castle Qualification Team] Good morning. I am in Kochi Castle today. Shijo Castle's Largest !? ️Existence 12 Tenant Japan Longitudinal Ultra Quiz in Tosano "Okiyaku" 2019✨ In spite of the unfortunate rain, fans of castles and quizzes start in the morning! Preliminaries are well under way (^-^) Maruoka married couples, castle-like parents and children, of course, I was surprised that those who missed the victory in Marugame Castle Qualification have come back from Mie Prefecture with a revenge! Moth Castle fans are hot-✨ Sakai city residents live entertainers are also enlivening the booth and the progress of the ultra quiz (^-^) Well, who will win the Kochi Castle Qualifier? The qualifying session is until 11:30 ♪ The semifinals begin at 11:30. You may take part in the quiz or watch the finals. If you are nearby, please come to Kochi Castle Qualifier \ (^ ^) /