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Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-22
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Beginning of the year
Antenna Shop
Main products
Fresh vegetables of local direct, raised up for Taniguchiya, Ganso grilled mackerel sushi, of Mikuniminato direct shrimp
This antenna shop to PR the happiest town in Fukui Prefecture, Sakai city in Japan. Fostered a rich nature, we will tell through selling other information dissemination of agricultural products and seafood a city of charm to everyone.

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[Recommended cafe ♪ also in year-end party]

[Recommended cafe ♪ also in year-end party] It was a long time in the warm sunshine happy day yesterday (^ - ^) Fashionable cafe can enjoy the winter of valuable Sunny can be found in the lily of the village park. Cafe Lily (Lily Cafe). The name also cute this shop, after the open, is especially true'm very popular with women. ... is, of City Sales Promotion Division year-end party, this year here! ️ While received a lunch, spent unwind Mattari time (^ - ^) Introducing a photograph the lunch menu a little bit. Such as vegetables, eggs, because just material stuck to the local produce, is also exceptional also a sense of security taste! ️ Also in the goodness of colorful heart it will be tickled. And, from the large windows of the sense of liberation plenty of views of the large and small fountains and lily field! ️ In the evening you can enjoy illumination from here. Even if not observed is blocked by the snow clouds in the Gemini meteor shower, it fragments our light studded park fills up, is sure to heal the mind. If such a fashionable spot is going more and more, I think you and somehow exciting. Day and night, recommended lily of the village park in year-end party, by all means your attention \ (^ ^) / Section chief, was a feast! ️ Cafe Lily Sakai harue Ishizuka 21-2-3 TEL 0776-43-1380

[In the Excellence Award in the Hometown Choice Awards! ]

[In the Excellence Award in the Hometown Choice Awards! ] Hello! Weekend of precious sunny forecast, Is everyone how spend? Furusato tax. In return products are attracting attention, it now nationally is booming. Meanwhile, Tsukaimichi and donations, thereby honoring the efforts that lead to local activation "Hometown Choice Awards 2017" is the day before yesterday, was held in Tokyo. So what! Sakai has been selected in the "Excellence Award" (^^) / Sakai City, we have established what will become the only "donation citizen participation ordinance" in the country. The use for donation citizens decide, thing called. "For the city, I want you to realize such a thing" because it measures selected citizens a thing called, · Aim to national treasure of the oldest castle tower Japan Maruoka Castle restoration Children number 110 of you had made a display board of the house Etc., will be very specific and clear donation menu (= measures). Since the introduction in 2008, it has been achieved of 15 business. In the award, is so intention of the donors has been highly evaluated where it is reflected by town planning. Eight is nominated as best practices, including the Sakai City from all over the country all of the 1788 local government. In the award of the venue, after the city donated staff of the presentation, it was decided that each award by the vote. And "thanks to the citizens of everyone", squinting person in charge glad likely. Really so. In the past 10 years, I think the witness has been facing with you the firm Citizen (^^) In Sakai, is everyone of the citizens, of course, the communication with the people who have donated, I will continue to enhance more and more (^^) / By all means, please pay attention. Hometown Choice Awards 2017

[ "Promotion Legend" is real!?]

[ "Promotion Legend" is real!?] Ozeki in striving to town planning in which the sumo to hook elementary school. Began yokozuna promotion of Satoseki of Marezei, always can be promoted if the individual children who cheer! Ozeki district believe firmly the "promotion legend" that it is now, you have up to spring. The other day, KitaMasaru of the octagonal room that came to Ozeki elementary school painted the interval of touring Fuji institutions and Oki of the sea institutions. The Kyushu, big success aligned two people! Kachikoshi observe the two losses in combination with yesterday's efforts, we Fumitodoma' also won Front (^^) / Customs of Oki, the self-fastest Thailand had decided to Kachikoshi in 10 days. KitaMasaru Fuji function is, I yesterday was your father's birthday likely. According to the Kyushu, Kiyoshi Makoto put a message that was hand-written for each Koshihikari and the grade was brought up, Oki of the sea institutions and KitaMasaru pupils of Ozeki elementary school that is sent to the Fuji institutions. 2 people play an active part, I guess for such precisely because have received the "support of the best" of children. Now place, not tied up more and more eyes from the two people!

[Published a picture book! Do not come to see 菴連 Shinya-kun]

[Published a picture book! Do not come to see 菴連 Shinya-kun]   Say there would be a world that so exciting! When I saw the picture book, I could not help but think so.   Picture book of the title is "Robobuma". In nature, in the buildings, Hata also in the universe, how the people and animals and unique robots are working together are drawn vividly. Place names that come with the "Lily Town", etc. If Sakai citizens pin also appeared (^ - ^)   Drew the picture, (Ya Ihori Ren) 菴連 Shinya living in the city-kun. 20 million people is 16-year-old fight with the incurable disease "high IgD syndrome" that one person.   About four years ago, Sakai was sometimes introduced in the newsletter to be issued towards the metropolitan area media. At the time, photo taken in front for the first time open solo exhibition in Tokyo, it was full of innocence.   That by the time he published a picture book. Growth of the four years is amazing \ (^ ^) / To work and new work of paintings so far, of the style that accompanied the story in words, it is a dream full of fun picture book. Picture book "Robobuma" that gives vigor and dreams to the viewer, please visit by all means pick up.   And! This weekend, I there is a talk show to commemorate the publication ♪ Please enjoy the Ren也 kun world at the venue by all means. We look forward to (^ - ^) "Robobuma" book launch talk show & autograph session When the 2017 November 26 (Sun) 9:30 to 18:00 14:00 - talk show 14:30 signings Arupurazaami 2F main entrance square in front of the place ※ also will be on display the original 18 points of the picture book (^ ^) /

[Movies taken with "local lines Girls" city! ]

[Movies taken with "local lines Girls" city! ] Movie that was to model the Echizen Railway which runs the city "local lines Girl ~ I, came back to his hometown," we are willing shooting of (^ ^) What is yesterday! Shooting even "Shimohyogo happiness station" just renewed the station name in March this year. Narrow home shooting team and performers was crowded. ヽ I was also appeared local residents as an extra (^ o ^) 丿 Mr. After an explanation about the shooting from assistant director, boarded the train from happiness Station, was challenged to the scene to spend peacefully in the attendant's and the interior to Fukui Station. In the home, he asked digging roots digging leaves that of the vehicle city officials impersonate train geek is the attendant's, also scene to scrounge a two-shot photos. Echizen is, have adopted an unusual cabin crew in the whole country (attendant), attentive hospitality and friendliness has attracted attention in that led to the V-shaped recovery of the company. The movie, back to his hometown torn dream in the city, women who comeback as attendant of Echizen hero. Is the story of heartwarming draw a home and family love. Starring Natsuko Yokozawa of talent. The fall of the public next year, so stay tuned!