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Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-22
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Beginning of the year
Antenna Shop
Main products
Fresh vegetables of local direct, raised up for Taniguchiya, Ganso grilled mackerel sushi, of Mikuniminato direct shrimp
This antenna shop to PR the happiest town in Fukui Prefecture, Sakai city in Japan. Fostered a rich nature, we will tell through selling other information dissemination of agricultural products and seafood a city of charm to everyone.

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[Long-sought "sumo ozeki location" is true! ]

[Long-sought "sumo ozeki location" is true! ] In Sakai City Ozeki elementary school, came a sumo wrestler of real \ (^ ^) / Ozeki elementary school, named after the name of "ozeki", we are working in town revitalization was the "sumo" together with the local community of everyone on the hook. I wonder if the wish of the children we are today, KitaMasaru Fuji function of the octagonal room, sea institutions of Oki is Raikou. Together also everyone in the region, enjoyed the exchange. Or to support a strong rice cake with a sumo wrestler, or face off in sumo push tug-of-war and large pieces together. To hardball of pupils, sumo wrestler was also sweaty (^^; Rice cake that sumo wrestler we got, we please and distribute them to all participants volunteer's region is in the delicious red bean paste cakes and flour rice cake (^ - ^)   The was glad, 6-year-old words of the girls. "It sumo wrestler is also glad came to school, in order to fulfill our wishes, the ozeki district had you support a lot from the course outside the district people, I am very happy. Today AC of a lifetime it becomes memories. " When the children everyone who participated today is me thought the same way, his sons surely should be able I cherish my hometown.   At the end of the exchange, "came from the Ozeki elementary school, you will absolutely Ozeki!" From the children's representative to the sumo wrestler and ale. Oki of the sea institutions is "but around the around the country, is a school that can be firmly is greeting a healthy so bright and unusual. Since we also work hard even after the visitors office, everyone please Good luck with pride," Please return to the directly below (^ - ^) /   From beginning to end, regional exchange through the sumo wrapped in laughter. Was carried out on the playing field mat, please refer to the KitaMasaru Fuji institutions and sixth grade representative of laughter full of initiatives (^ - ^)

[Beyond the time of eternity, to the emergency Shiro Maruoka! ]

[Beyond the time of eternity, to the emergency Shiro Maruoka! ] After all, autumn is this! Today and tomorrow, "Kojo Maruoka Festival" will be waged. Just time now, it is decorated with such illumination and about 1,000 bamboo lanterns, shining castle more divine (^ - ^) This write-up, will be lit 18 to sometimes 22 to 8 days (Sun). Tomorrow 8 days (day), beginning with the parade of puppets floats, warrior matrix "Gomangoku parade" of specialty is start your tower before the park in 30 minutes at 12. Besides, there is the performance of Han Maruoka Arima gun Corps, there is total dance, there is the city Ojare, there is a stage event, anyway lots. Everyone, please come by all means in the fall of Shiro Maruoka! • If in your car for coming, thank you for your cooperation in traffic regulation

[Tomorrow of Zumusata is a must-see! ]

[Tomorrow of Zumusata is a must-see! ] Hello! "Zoom in tomorrow broadcast! In Saturday ", Tojinbo will be introduced. Or scenic spot to be proud of in the world is projected to what way, you can see to jump ahead in the following site. Come the morning of the three-day holiday the first day, please refer to the beautiful images with a powerful (^ - ^) Program name / zoom-in Saturday (NTV) Broadcast date and time / October 7 (Saturday) 7:15 am - ※ scheduled to be broadcast in about 20 minutes in the corner ※ You may be planning contents are subject to change or pause ★ video is here! "Sea of ​​rocks scenic Tojinbo" Tojinbo introduction guides

[Continue to be held in Nagoya in Osaka! ! ~ UIJ turn industry briefing ~]

[Continue to be held in Nagoya in Osaka! ! ~ UIJ turn industry briefing ~] Aichi of students attending the university, everyone of their families! UIJ turn briefing hosted in turn is held in Nagoya! ! This time, participants are companies that represent a lot of the city, it makes the talk of the industry. This would be a unique opportunity to know the city of companies before job hunting. I might go back to Fukui, Sakai believes that I should try to work for everyone, of course totally blank you, please come us. In addition, the day we also consult UIJ turn seekers. Please apply any place kana and everyone interested me Sakai. In January we will also be held in Kyoto. Determined soon, it will guide you. ○ date and time 2017 October 21 (Sat) 13:30 to 16:30 ○ place Nagoya Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Center (Fukiage Hall) [Application and Contact] Sakai City Hall Tourism Industry Division Yubinbango919-0592 Sakai Sakai-cho, Shimoshinjo 1-1 TEL: 0776-50-3153 For more information ↓

[Sakai antenna shop will be introduced! ]

[Sakai antenna shop will be introduced! ]   It has been aired on Fuji TV "all kinds of story of Panaokya tree". Bananaman, Ogi Yahagi, six of Audrey, is a popular program to be single-mindedly freely talk deployed in their own eyes for such public topic. Tomorrow, the broadcast of September 20 (water), Shinagawa-Togoshiginza mall stage. Popular shops, to the corner to introduce the shops you have a poster girl, what! Sakai antenna shop also will be featured (^^) /   More and more since the sale popular Ano products, is scheduled to appear is completely love Sakai staff while born in the Northeast (^ - ^) Midnight is the program, but please by all means have a look.   ■ "all kinds of story of Panaokya tree" program name Fuji TV ■ broadcast date September 20, 2017 (Wed) 24: 25-25: 25 ■ program Homepage ※ broadcast content are subject to change by the convenience of the station ※ It is the Kanto Local