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Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-22
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Antenna Shop
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Fresh vegetables of local direct, raised up for Taniguchiya, Ganso grilled mackerel sushi, of Mikuniminato direct shrimp
This antenna shop to PR the happiest town in Fukui Prefecture, Sakai city in Japan. Fostered a rich nature, we will tell through selling other information dissemination of agricultural products and seafood a city of charm to everyone.

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[Thanks for the excitement! ]

[Thanks for the excitement! ] 150 minutes everyone has one heart. It seems Sakai high school was a fight the first time. But did not advance to the second round, the players also, everyone of support, should have felt all the people that were surely involved. Sakai high school, worked hard really well! The next season, and the Sakai high school baseball team was also larger two around slightly, and I want to fight together (^ - ^) / The city is a lot of support from all over the country, of course, thank you very much!

[Public viewing! ]

[Public viewing! ] Also raised the venue of the public viewing, which is provided to the local Sakai City!

[Koshien! ]

[Koshien! ] Sakai high school game, began! Support thank you (^ - ^) /

[In Koshien, the hot support! ]

[In Koshien, the hot support! ] In Sakai high school boils down to Koshien debut, today, a joint practice session of the cheerleaders and the brass band was done. Although the brass band is, wound shortly for staff is less Sakai high school. But When I go, shout and instruments sound just does crack gymnasium is (...;) In fact, if you try to support the Sakai high school, brass band of junior high school and senior high schools and universities with a focus on district Sakai, Fukui Prefecture formed a joint team. Today we had gathered most of its members (^ - ^) / 130 people a total. On the day, it is to Koshien you supposed to get into the Koshien as a large orchestra of even 160 people. Flap and music selection from decided Koshien participation. Although still only practice period of about 10 days, the 20 songs that give on the day players, is a surprise because they finished almost perfect (^ - ^) Yui Fujinami to participate as a brass band (Maruoka junior high school three years) is, we have seen a smile as "Nante can be played in order to support the local school at Koshien, you want to play hard to be cheered very happy. Player" It was (^ - ^) A little bit different and colorful performance, such as cheerleading, to show off the robust dance and Nobutoi shout is, 1 to 3-year-old baseball team that does not bench, about 40 people. Likely I was thinking the shout and choreography on their own. Mr. Kazutoshi Mitamura of Sakai high school baseball team three years in a cheerleader want to liven up a cheer in the feelings that are fighting together with the "players. As players everyone put out more than 100 of the force, it is also number one their support I had put a force on the words and want to "do my best to have the consciousness that he. The first round of the Sakai high school 13 (Sunday). The players and cheerleaders, will challenge the Meiho high school game in the all-Sakai. Everyone, will continue to thank you for your support!

[Welcome to the Sakai! Shinagawa alternating current tour (^^) /]

[Welcome to the Sakai! Shinagawa alternating current tour (^^) /] Today's Sakai City, 36.4 degrees in Harue, both with 37.5 degrees in the three countries recorded the highest temperature this year. Among such, from Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, from 2 years ago to promote the cooperation in various business in the wake of special districts nationwide cooperation project, parents and children 15 set 37 people you came to play in Sakai City (^^ ) / This AC tour planning is Shinagawa. Likely he was there about five times the application of the quota was recruited in the spring. Is everyone who was able to participate in the tour sunny, starting in Tokyo this morning aboard the Hokuriku Shinkansen. The lunch arrived in Sakai City, it was around the immediately city after lunch (^^ ♪ Touch the heart-warming work in the one-stroke Keijo Japan short letter of the mansion, overlooking the castle from the top floor in Maruoka Castle, everyone refreshing facial expressions. "Since around a just skyscrapers, and beautiful sky as these spacious children, and want to experience a lot of nature". So speak dad, was like a boy while sparkling eyes (^^) And the main of today, traditional event, which boasts the Sakai-cho, "Sakai summer festival". In Kagashi (= scarecrows) contest specialty, the festival venue Ri ~ Kagashi of citizens homemade shifted (^^) / What in! Of the popular Shinagawa Togoshiginza shopping street character "silver-chan" is. Find the children of Shinagawa it is immediately, had been rollicking. This silver-chan, is a tour de force of Sakai City staff volunteers. When'll let you become a smile to everyone in Shinagawa, it was produced until late every day. In the festival of the ceremony, also surprise Shinagawa all participants us to show off the character of up to the stage, "Sakai high school Koshien victory Fight!". I'm glad (^ ^) / One of the things also, of City sales goals spread exchanges between citizens. These exchanges the opportunity, someone who is in love with the Sakai does not earnestly hope that that will more and more even one person. As this time participating children Could you put in a corner of the mind a much Sakai even into adulthood ...! (^^) Tour will continue also the day after tomorrow and tomorrow. Typhoon, but is worried about ... I go enjoy Unto the Sakai City (^^) /