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Fukui Prefecture, Sakai antenna shop

Shinagawa Hiratsuka 1-6-22
Regular Holiday
Beginning of the year
Antenna Shop
Main products
Fresh vegetables of local direct, raised up for Taniguchiya, Ganso grilled mackerel sushi, of Mikuniminato direct shrimp
This antenna shop to PR the happiest town in Fukui Prefecture, Sakai city in Japan. Fostered a rich nature, we will tell through selling other information dissemination of agricultural products and seafood a city of charm to everyone.

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[Kannoukino Daio Title Match] From the Echizen Matsushima Aquarium, "Compeitto" won the qualifying round and challenged the final, but today it is! The result came out ✨ The result is how! Celebration 3rd place Everyone who supported me! Thank you! If you would like to see Konpeito, go to Echizen Matsushima Aquarium # Sakai # Mikuni Town # Echizen Matsushima Aquarium # Composite # Ikumen #smile_sakai # Smile loop # Unusual things

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[Aoi no Go Onsen Renewal Kite] Hello! Today was a hot day! Tomorrow is Tanabata 🎋 It is cloudy according to the forecast, but can Orihime and Hikoboshi meet? By the way, I told you the other day, but finally, "Tosen no Onsen" will be reopened! How is it for the opening ceremony held on the day? We invite Tsuru Tsuyoshi! Tanabata ... why don't you come to see Tsuru Tsuyoshi? We also have a farmer and a second antenna shop ♪ Everyone, please come by all means

Hi everyone 🌞

Hi everyone 🌞 In Sakai City, 28 years ago, students in Cardiff, UK, and junior high school students in the city have been conducting exchange projects. This year, an invitation group is visiting Sakai City from June 27 to July 3! On the last day of the day, we painted in the "Itoya lantern store" to try to experience the traditional culture of Mikunicho🏮 The students ran the brush while reminiscent of the memories of Sakai city, and felt the Japanese culture again! The design is broadcast on the next program today! ・ NHK News Zaurus · FBC Ojatta Tele By all means! Do not miss # UK dispatch # Cousin and lantern store # Mikuni Town # Three Kingdoms #smile_sakai #sakai_city # Sakai # Sakai

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Smiling Sakai Project! I would like you to like Sakai City more ... And as the circle of smiles spreads ... #Tekuteku walk meeting # Maruoka Castle # Honkoin #smile_sakai #sakai_city # Sakai #smiling_sakai # Sakai

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Do you like "Konpeito"? Currently, competitions are held to determine the tops of strange creatures representing aquariums and zoos in various places in Japan! The name is "a great king of kings title match"! Among them, "Konpeito" of Echizen Matsushima Aquarium is how! Pass the qualifying and win! The final match voting period is until July 7th! From the following URL, click Konpeito! Your clean one click! "Konpeito" is named because it has many triangular bumps on the body surface and is similar to the sweets of confectionery. The females of Konpeito lay eggs in the shell, and the males have the habit of entering the shell entrance completely and protecting the eggs! It is an Ikmen fish that sheds sweat for her wife! Let's support such a wonderful konpeito together # The Great King of Great Title Match # Konpeito # Echizen Matsushima Aquarium # Mikuni Town #smile_sakai #sakai_city # Sakai # Sakai # Ikumen