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Togoshiginza is a "specialty store Jujiya of your skin" of the shopping district. Hear the story of your your one person you alone, we will introduce an optimal skin care, makeup. There is also beauty room. Please feel free to come to the store!

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[Advantage] Notice of Day in July!

July from today!


Rainy season umbrellais

I miss the sun Sun


, When walking on the road,

Raindrops are on the leaves

When you see it glittering,

"Is it raining well? glitter".






PresentCrucifix Mercy Point

Point up <> Day!

10 days ( Friday), 20th (Mon),

29th (Wed), 30th (Thursday), 31st (Friday)


Usually, you will earn 15 points for 500 yen.


Earn 30 points (=30 yen) for 500 yen!

Earn 5,000 yen and earn 300 points (=300 yen)!





presentJuly For birthdays


Mercy point

Point up <<3 times>>!


Usually, you get 15 points for 500 yen.


45 points (=45 yen) can be saved for 500 yen!

Earn 450 points (=450 yen) for 5,000 yen!


Up arrow

On birthday month

" !







You can use it anytime!

When paying,

" 〇 〇 points, use parglitter"

Please tell us






All of the cross-ya staff are waiting for you USHISImusical notation




Jujiya Mercy Point

(No admission fee or annual fee! ) Is

Otome no TokimekiAll products at Jujiya are targeted!

Otome no TokimekiNot only shopping for cosmetics and healthy beauty foods, /span>

Estheses will also be saved wallet


Otome no TokimekiNot only shopping for cosmetics and health and beauty foods, but also

Can be used for beauty salons (anytime!) wallet




Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street

Cross shop specializing in skin

TEL 03-3781-5992

Business hours Weekdays 10:00-20:30 Saturday-19:30

Regular holidays Sundays and holidays

[Notice of charge for shopping bags] It will start from July 1, 2020.

Hello. Shizuka Sun



One ​​day around the beginning of June,

When I went shopping for daily necessities

"The shopping bag is charged,

What do you do?




It was!

It's already started!



, so I took my bag out of the way


(It was nice to have my bag Fade)





Payment for shopping bags


Discussed HmmNee


, but if you look closely...

Container and Packaging Recycling Law

By revision,


is now required.











The plastic bag is 5 yen per sheet (tax included)< /span>.



------- wallet --------




Reduce the amount of disposable packaging used,

Environmentally friendly


Paper carrying bag< /span>

Paid < /span>.


Paper The price of the carrying bag depends on the size.





This paper bag is Still free


Please let us know if you do not need it.



< p style="text-align: center;"> 

My bag usage and

simple packaging

For passing items

Thank you for your cooperation.



For your usual bag

Put my bag Let's keep it!





Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street

Cross shop specializing in skin

TEL 03-3781-5992

Business hours Weekdays 10:00~20:30 Saturday~19:30

Regular holidays Sundays and holidays

Morning happiness that I visited for 50 yen ❤

Hello. Shizuka eyes



April/May during the refraining period,

Buler or mascara base,

Customers purchasing mascara

More than usual.


Why kana Hmm?

and asked...


gusun I was doing eyelash extensions.

Because we cannot go to maintenance.


LaughterWhen making a remote video conference

Look at your face on the screen


winkIf you wear a mask everyday,

I can only see the makeup around my eyes.






If masked < /span>

I can see only my eyes . bu





So everyone!


< span style="font-size:1.96em;">also for the viewer

There are various kinds,

Did you know?



Cross shop has three types:

Here eyes

From the left


Eyelash Curler 213

*With one replacement rubber

800 yen



Edge-free eyelash curler

*With one replacement rubber

1,000 yen



Eyelash curler

*1 replacement rubber With

850 yen







I am currently using< /span>

Buler, < /span>

Don't try

Have you bought it? Guern




No good! Laughter and cry





The reason why I want you to try it is this

down arrow down arrow  down arrow


Viewer frame Roundness is

Because they are different!


My own eyelid< /span>

Fit roundness

It's important to choose a viewer< span style="color:#ff0000;">Inspiration bulb



Me, BuehlerNot good at sweat


Maybe the viewer's eyelids and

may not have the same roundness ! ? shock





Inner and outer corners


Difficult to pinch sweat

If you think , click here

 Arrow Down arrow below Arrow

< p style="text-align: center;">


< p style="text-align: center;">Mini eyelash curler 215

800 yen


If this is the case,


You can curl with a pin point







Don't get a nice curl

Finished to eyelashes sweat


< span style="font-weight:bold;">Difficult to raise eyelashes sweat

For those who do this

Down arrow down arrow down arrow

From the left

SHISEIDO (Shiseido)

< p style="text-align: center;">Eyelash curler replacement rubber 214

100 yen for 2 coins



Mini eyelash curler replacement rubber 216< /p>

100 yen for 3 coins



Replacement rubber for eyelash curlers< /p>

120 yen for 2 coins



If the rubber is deteriorated,

Rubber loses elasticity,

Curling power is drastically reduced Fade



< span style="fon t-size:1.96em;">Hello!



I thought

and changed the rubber...

Easier and cleaner than usual p>

Eyelashes rose GoodUshishi



Replacement rubber, 50 yen each!

In this 50 yen,

Eyelashes rise cleanly

From morning

Messed up in good mood Exciting




Why faster

I didn't change it!

Me! Laughter and cry





When is the timing?


However, depending on

Once a month, or

Rubber in frame shape

If a line is included

(state where rubber is cut off in the frame)< /span>







How to choose a viewer or replace a rubber,

Introducing techniques for beautiful curls, etc.


Other questions about makeup and skin care

Please feel free to ask glitter




is written.

Down arrow



Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street

Specialized shop for skin, cross shop

TEL 03-3781-5992

Business hours Weekdays 10:00 to 20:30 Saturday to 19:30

Regular holidays Sundays and holidays

http ://


< span style="font-size:0.83em;"> (All prices exclude tax. )

Sakuma's “Ichigo Milk” triangle, Ame-chan, got the latest information after a long absence!

Hello. It's Shizuka candy




The other day,

Miracle is

Occurs! Guern


< p style="text-align: center;"> 


It probably started in 2014

from this blog.









Yes. This

Strawberry milk Strawberry




"I found it, 〇○○ eyes" and


A series of !




Actually I say... or

For this "Strawberry milk" series

Awesome antenna

must be stretched

Information store

some people

It's  Ushishi



It is

There are even cross-haired customers

A cool Mr. A,

Mr. A, who is always fun, S-san,

, and

My classmate Kko-chan...

For me,

"Ichigo Milk" series

A dedicated information store

< recognized as span style="color:#ff0000;"> Galleyclapping




The great achievements so far

< span style="font-weight:bold;">IntroductionThen,

down arrow down arrow down arrow

chocolate milk, banana milk,

Mikan Milk・Grape milk・

Matcha Milk, Melon Milk,

Purin Milk/Remonkoretto…






glitterThis is glitter

glitterThis time the Miracle! glitter






Information has been lost for the last few years < /span>

< span style="font-size:1.96em;">The other day, the same day

From two information stores

The latest information has arrived!



Information shop ①

From my classmate Kko-chan


Down arrow Down arrow Down arrow



This picture from Kko-chan

It was sent as information camera


Isn't it limited?

With honey

< span style="color:#ff0000;">with apples




The bag is open!

K-chan, what kind of taste is it? Mogmogu

Food repo is waiting for you ..





Information shop ②

< span style="font-weight:bold;">A seemingly cool Mr. A from


down arrow  down arrow  down arrow

 < /p>


What is the previous chocolate milk (2014 version)

The design has changed-Guern


It looks like something special, so I looked it up...

Bean in Belgium Making chocolate

Founded in Belgium in 1911

Callebaut's < /span>

Chocolate Callebaut GOLD

is used!


It's a mature taste.

Something like coffee Hmm

It has a bitterness

< p style="text-align: center;">It's delicious, not too sweet. excitement





The left and right are crunchy and twisted

Packing Not bu






Suzuga! Mr. A!

I have!

And one more point!

Down arrow Down arrow Down arrow



"SINCE 2020"

Is this a new work for 2020? glitter



I only know the taste of "jasmine tea"...

I was a little worried.



That jasmine tea, Yes Yes!

And that refreshingness is also Yes Yes!

This is the first time for Amechan Ushishi




This! this!

The left and right packaging is twisted and twisted exciting

Blue x yellow x white design

Refreshing and wonderful!




It's been a while since I lasted

It feels a little excited and snorting, but DASH!< /p>




Like a dedicated information store

, but


Why don't you find the "Ichigo Milk" series?



The moment you find it,


, whether it's messed up buchulove love




Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street

Specialized shop for skin, Cross House

TEL 03-3781-5992< /p>

Business hours Weekdays 10:00 to 20:30 Saturday to 19:30

Regular holidays Sundays and holidays

When I tried it, I thought "This is important!" when drawing the eyebrows.

Hello. Shizuka gerbera



Last time, here


Make-up lesson in 15 minutes

The most requested one is

 < /p>




I talked about eyebrow lessons.


▼Click here for the previous blog









Drawing Difficult




I'm still

The day I can draw my eyebrows well,

There is a bad day.


every day every day

I'm drawing Eh?




Me too

Tips and techniques for drawing eyebrows

Let's tell our customers

studied flame



I practiced with my face flame




But sometimes,

Other than tips and tricks


This is important!


Inspirational bulb





That is...


Lost eyebrows




Is it like image training




How to draw

What a nice eyebrow




Bring your longing eyebrows on your eyes,

Imagine and draw...

On my eyebrows

Visible eyes




The eyebrows will be finished!





Use as a model

"Longing eyebrows"

Find gubuchu






By the way, my "adorable eyebrow" is...

(Don't laugh Shonbori)

(Don't get angry Simple)




Yuri Ebihara-san


Jun Hasegawa





Image training of "Longing eyebrows"


Here is my eyebrow


Down arrow down arrow down arrow


< /a>


A little trend conscious

< p style="text-align: center;"> I added a soft roundness.

What's wrong?






Tips and techniques etc.

Basic is based on



This < span style="font-weight:bold;">"Longing eyebrows" as a model

< p style="text-align: center;"> Image training and drawing

After I started doing

< p style="text-align: center;">really

It's fun to draw eyebrows buchumusical note

You can draw the eyebrows you want buchumusic score




As I mentioned in the previous blog,

The eyebrows are said to be the frame of the face

The impression of the face is greatly affected!

, so



The face is decided!






Especially now

Because I mask like this every day


My face

No cheeks or lipsticks are visible !!

I can see only my eyebrows and eyes!




The effect on the impression of the face is


Arp Up







15 Eyebrow lesson in minutes

Finding the yearning eyebrow



Currently, there are people who are refraining from coming to the store


Finding the yearning eyebrow

Image training

Let's draw a model

Why don't you try that?



*Reservation is not required, but

If you decline it due to the circumstances of the store,

We may keep you waiting.

Please note.


*From the current spread of new coronavirus infection,

This is not a post to promote your visit.



Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street

Specialized shop for skin, cross shop

TEL 03-3781-5992

Business hours Weekdays 10:00 to 20:30 Saturday to 19:30

Closed Sundays and holidays

http:/ /